Refugee Week Exhibition

The Refugee Week Exhibition has been POSTPONED until further notice.

As we approach Refugee Week (16 - 22 June), the City of Ryde would like to extend an invitation for you to contribute your unique perspectives and artistic expressions through a one-night art exhibition being held on Wednesday 19 June at Lachlan’s Line Auditorium, Jarvis Circuit, North Ryde.

This expression of interest is aimed at individuals who have a personal or familial experience with seeking refuge or asylum, offering a platform to share your journey and art with a wider audience within the theme "Finding Freedom Through Family".


Artists and Creators

We are actively seeking individuals who can communicate their personal or familial experiences of seeking refuge or asylum into art, music, or performance pieces. We invite you to submit your creations that echo the themes of freedom, family, and the nuances of the refugee or asylum-seeking journey. In addition to pieces that reflect past experiences, we are also eager to showcase current works that explore these themes, offering a platform for both historical and present artistic expressions.


Artists willing to narrate the power of art in their lives, the story of their expression and the experience linked to “Finding Freedom Through Family”.

Mediums Accepted

Visual Art

Paintings, drawings, sculptures, or any form of visual media that captures your narrative.

Music and Songs

Original compositions, musical performances, or any piece that reflects the theme.


Dance, drama, spoken word, or any performance art that tells your story or explores the theme.

Terms and Conditions