SWAP Winners and Finalists 2019

2019 Winners


Winner: The stories behind a cuppa by Milka Ordonez

We are delighted to announce the People’s Choice winner for the Sustainable Waste to Art Prize (SWAP) 2019 – The stories behind a cuppa… by Milka Ordonez.  The stories behind a cuppa explores themes of memory and story-telling through tiny paintings on used tea bags.

Explaining the meaning behind her artwork Ms Ordonez said, “When I moved to Australia I did not speak any English, however, my new friends invited me over for a ‘cuppa’ and a chat and created the foundations for the work you see today. The images are representative of my history, whilst the tea-bags are symbolic of the ritual of tea-drinking and are evidence of my love of prolonging the life of objects. This is an ongoing body of work, as I share cups of tea and my stories; the artwork will grow, develop, and become a ‘year book’ of my life.”  

Over 400 people voted for this year’s SWAP People’s Choice award.

Open Category

1st Prize:  Menindee Ghost Ship by Danja Derkenne
2nd Prize: The Fashion of Menstruation
by Taylor Angelo
Highly Commended: The PRETTY TRASHY Showcase "On a Shoestring" by Anna Mango
Highly Commended: Seated Dancer (after Degas) by Wendy Bishop
Highly Commended: Marcela Ordonez, Self-Portrait - After Frida by Marcela Ordonez


1st Prize: Priscilla the Peacock by Tyler Old
2nd Prize: Coffee Table by Sam Graham
Highly Commended: Sea-Sore by Sophie Jallian
Highly Commended: Recovering History by Nelson Kerley

JUNIOR YEP | Younger Category

1st Prize: Not Just a Pretty Face by St Lucy's School Visual Arts Department
2nd Prize: Polluted Night by Stephanie Wilcock
Highly Commended: Rainbow Serpent by Dia MacNamara


Winner: Burlesque by Julie Scully
Highly Commended: Teddy Chairs by Rachel Swinton

2019 Finalist Lists

SWAP | Open Category

Open to artists and members of the community who are 18 years and over.


Alan Skipper Cooking With Sax
Amanda Jacka From Old To Aplrt
Amanda Jane The Bottom Drawer
Anna Mango The PRETTY TRASHY Showcase "On a Shoestring"
Anna Mango & Tarja Martin The PRETTY TRASHY Showcase of Wearable Waste
Bernadette Huang Spice that Unites
Bronwyn Harris The Phoenix Bird
Catherine MacNamara Twine
Christopher Roe Made With Love
Dani Barley It's on all of us
Danja Derkenne Menindee Ghost Ship
James 'Jack' Lagan Bower Bird & Nest
Janene Porter From the River
Jasmine Winsley Foil Squares
Juliet Holden Paradise Lost (On Henderson Beach)
Julie Scully Burlesque
Kay Smith Plastic straw fly curtain
Laurette Douglas Clear and Present Danger
Leanne Cowie Inhale, exhale
Lesley Richman The Fashionistas
Marcela Ordonez Marcela Ordonez, Self-Portrait - After Frida
Marina Robins Taking, What's right, What’s left
Marissa O'Donnell "Yellow Trashion"
Mark Fallone Marco and his Heffers
Martin Watson New World Order
Mary Boland Cashed Out
Mary Boland A Not So Slippery Slide
Maureen Hine Working Garden
Michelle Van Eimeren RE:NOVATION
Mika Ordonez The stories behind a cuppa...
Minerva Ho Coffee Cup Mailing Envelope
Nicole Williams Mermaid's Lament
Penny Simons Gaia
Priya Sri What do you see, Under the Sea?
Rachel Swinton Teddy Chairs
Rebecca Day Micrometamorphosis
Sandra Borri Motmot
Sheriden Bird The Fisherman
Stephanie Powell Oceans of Plastic
Sue Stafford Ocean Opera
Taylor Angelo The Fashion of Menstruation
Taylor Heather Ring the Bell-y
Therese Mackenzie Bead-i-ful Reflections
Toni Michelle Kearns Once was blind
Victoria Monk Life's a bitch
Wanda Gee Menindee Fish Kill, Summer of 2018-2019
Wendy Bishop Seated Dancer (after Degas)


Open to young people aged 14 to 17 years (as of 19 September 2019) 


Dane De Braekeleir-Cleal Ace Of Squares
Elle Colatosti Nature, Our Sacred Art
Emily Belsey Barely Functioning
Harry Parnaby Recycled Antique Tractor Stool
Maxine Gorman Rainbow fish no more
Minjun Jo The Great Wave of the Future
Nelson Kerley Recovering History
Owen Chang The Turtle of Trash
Paddy Burns Emu in Drought
Sam Graham Coffee Table
Sophie Jallian Sea-Sore
Tiana Yee The Plastic Truth
Trisha Chari An Ice-olated Animal
Trisha Chari Oh buoy, an oil spill!
Tyler Old Priscilla the Peacock

JUNIOR YEP | Younger Category

Open to young people aged 10 to 13 (as at 19 September 2019)


Adam Plummer Mulloway
Dia MacNamara Rainbow Serpent
Eleanor Donovan Bug
Jake Hall Plastic; You're eating it
Kaylee Chan Strong Roots
Laura Barley-Tayler Going, Going, Gone
Mia Huang Messy fun town
Natasha Jackson Vicious Cycle
Robinson (Linyue) Lu The Christmas Jet
Stephanie Wilcock Polluted Night
Tanisha Chari The drastic plastic problem
Tanisha Chari Humans, stop bugging me!
Tim Donovan Garden Attack
Yapage Dahanayake Readable Bag
St Lucy's School Visual Arts Department Not Just a Pretty Face
Isabelle, Georgia, Danielle, Samara Garbage Monster