SWAP Winners and Finalists 2022

2022 Winners & Commendations 

Schools Participation Award

Winner: St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Meadowbank (18 entries)

Functional Award

Winner: A Thing of the Past - Stephanie Powell
Runner Up: Beachwear But Better - Jocelyn Zhou

Junior Category Award (10-13 years)

Winner: Lady Nutmeg - Jess Friar
Runner Up: Reclaimed Bloom Delight - Helena Fitzgerald
Highly Commended: “Just Junk” Showroom - Henrietta Robinson
Highly Commended: War On Waste - Maximillian Young

Youth Category Prize (14-17 years)

Winner: Vitrum Fungi - Chelsy-Lee Ordonez De Cross 
Runner Up: Mourning Birds - Artroom Handmade Students
Highly Commended: Snagged - Henry Thomas
Highly Commended: The Town of Tabula Rasa - St Lucy’s School Senior Students Collaboration

Open Category Award (18+ years)

Winner: Gathered - Nicole de Mestre 
Runner Up: Angel of Music - Adam Galea
Highly Commended: Glimmer - Leanne Cowie
Highly Commended: The Horn of Empty - Nichola Bryan

People's Choice Award

Winner: A Thing of the Past - Stephanie Powell 


Open Category (18 years)

Adam Galea Angel of music 
Artisans Ryde Tunnel Vision
Christine Wiltshier What are we made of?
Debby McGerty No sheets to the wind
Dirk Kruithof Route 66
Draghitza Diaz Gonzalez Shredded Paper Corset and Necklace
Helen Hukins Celtic Eco-Warrior
Jacqui Osborne What about the Birds
James 'Jack' Lagan Child's Play
Jennifer Rollo Humanity's Last Meal
Jo Rijke A Fishy Situation: Perish or Prevail
Julie Scully Ms Archimedes Ponders Displacement
Juliet Holden Plastic ocean gyre
Karina Vallins Vine of Nature
Ksenia Woodland I Wood if I could: Finding Wood For the Trees
Lauren Metzler Uber Eats Polar Bear
Leanne Cowie Glimmer
Lee Mitchell The God Helmet™
Lise Hobcroft Totes Repurposed Denim Bag
Marcela Ordonez The Accomplishment of Humanity
Margy Aiken Treadle Lightly
Marie Hantes Consumer Hedonism
Marina Robins Music bowl
Martin Watson The Castaways
Mary Benvenuto Pretty Perforations
Mary Boland At the Vortex
Melissa Baveas ____Hours
Nancy Yu Moongate II
Nichola Bryan The Horn Of Empty
Nicole de Mestre Gathered
Poonam Gupta Mat
Rosie Handley Canapés anyone?
Sam Tsang Catch of the Day!
Samantha Sirimanne Hyde Litterlight
Samantha Stibbard Where are the Bees?
Soha Varasteh Quarantine Kitchen
Stephanie Powell PC Peacock
Stephanie Powell A Thing of the Past
Steven Jankovic Red Plastic Waste Flower
Tracie Axton River Cells

Youth Category (14-17 years)

Arthur Greer Matt Wright's Rig
Artroom Handmade Students Mourning Birds
Ben Sleeman Recycled Metal Kangaroo
Chelsy-Lee Ordonez De Cross Vitrum Fungi
Claudia Taylor Recycled Ride
Cleo Wockner Almond Blossoms
Emily Lysowycz Collioure couture
Henry Thomas Snagged
Ignatius Houston Shovel Nosed Shark
James Halbisch Bessie the cow
Kiki Margetis The Sabrina Dress
Sarah Casey Garden of Secrets
St Lucy's Senior Students The Town of Tabula Rasa
Tanisha Chari Our Oceanic Wonder: The Octopus
Trisha Chari Windmills of your Mind!

Junior Category (10-13 years)

Anuka Sumanth Flora Pods 
Arequipa Hansford Useless
Bridyn Mathie Love The Earth
Cleo Maua & Isabelle Battiwalla The Bread Tag Flag
Emilia Tommasello & Victoria Orrego The Polluted Ocean
Emma Thomson Rainforest rights
Helena Fitzgerald Reclaimed Bloom Delight
Henrietta Robinson "Just Junk" Showroom
Jade Kennedy Stuck Between the Lines
James O'Sullivan, Michael Cullen & Thomas Bryant Air Pro Stadium
Jess Friar Lady Nutmeg
Jocelyn Zhou Beachwear But Better
Joia Riccardi The recycled macramé
Katrin Pysarenko & Maiia Kurochkina Under the sea
Kayla Mason & Ruvisha Vithanage One Person's Junk Is Another's Treasure
Luca Monden Masked Beauty
Maximillian Young War On Waste
Neave Murphy “Litter” the Lorikeet
Rosie Marino Sunny Day
St Lucy's Junior Students Embracing the Imperfect