SWAP Winners and Finalists 2023

2023 Winners & Commendations 

Schools Participation Award

Primary School Winner: Putney Public School 

High School Winner: Marist Sisters College Woolwich
High School Winner: St Ives High School 
High School Winner: St Joseph's College

Functional Award

Winner: Rice Sack Chic - Eva Freeman 
Runner Up:Waste Down - Xiang Chen

Junior Category Award (10-13 years)

Winner: Symbiosis - Jeorgia Bowden 
Runner Up: Our Footprint - Henrietta Robinson
Highly Commended: Magnetised - Oliver Kolos
Highly Commended: Hunting - Yeonsoo Park
Highly Commended: Fabric Flowers - Tara Keshavarz

Youth Category Prize (14-17 years)

Youth Winner: Checkmate - Kiki Margetis 
Youth Runner Up: Metal Betta - Sienna Gordon 
Youth Highly Commended: Unexplored - Amber Denham
Youth Highly Commended: Peckish Duck - Diya Maninathan 
Youth Highly Commended: Abuse - Mina Ju

Open Category Award (18+ years)

Open Winner: Varieties of Sardines - Jo Rijke
Open Category: Gabriel - Mary Boland
Open Highly Commended: An elegant illusion - Sam Tsang
Open Highly Commended: Sneakers are cheaper than therapy - Patrick Duffy


Open Category (18+ years)

Jo Rijke Varieties of Sardines
Assaf Carmeli Tools in Flight and Scavenger
Serkan Ogdum Uprising in the Wasteland
Stephanie Powell Seahorse
Leanne Cowie Jewel in the sky
Lise Hobcroft Bagged
Karina Vallins Glass Heart and Lost Words
Juliet Holden Alice's lost world
Camilla Ker Revived Threads
Sam Tsang An elegant illusion
Vanessa Wolfe Aquatic Treasures
Samantha Sirimanne Hyde ECOllage
AJ Gough Stop A sign from the Earth - Part 1 and SLOW- A sign from the Earth; Part 2
Lauren Maccoll Quilt no.10
Sun Min (Lucy) Circular Gratification and Unconscious, Lost, Unaware
Gabrielle Robinson Don't Waste Our Waterways
Gail Barclay The Rag Trade - the end of the line
Marcela Ordonez The marks you leave behind...
Joy Barrett Walk a mile in my shoes
Nelli Simonyan Recycled to life
Tracie Axton Cyanobacterial Blooms
Lesley Richman Koalas
Jerome Lafforgue Artificial Life
Marina Robins Eleventh Hour
Jacquie Riddell Garden of Consumption
Moira McGuire Kimmey K's cat 
Anna Tierney Re-emergence, an assemblage
Mari Ohanes Honouring Nature's Splendour
Mary Boland Gabriel
Patrick Duffy Sneakers are cheaper than therapy
Sharon Horne Rainbow Lorikeet
Virginia Lee Fruits for Thought

Youth Category (14-17 years)

Mina Ju Abuse 
Sienna Gordon Metal Betta
Holly Mizens The Black and White Swan
Diya Maninathan Peckish Duck
Xiang Chen Waste Down
Rome Circosta Blossom Adorned
Roxanne Denham Blossom Project and Technicolour Attire
Tanisha Chari Through the Looking Glass
Amber Denham Unexplored
Kiki Margetis Checkmate
Students of St Lucy's School Wahroonga These are not Jellyfish...

Junior Category (10-13 years)

Jeorgia Bowden Symbiosis 
Coen Jones, Cooper Wilson Dorito Airs
Henrietta Robinson Our Footprint
Emma Thomson Looking deep into the God's eye
Eva Freeman Rice Sack Chic
Helena Fitzgerald Modern World vs Nature
Sienna Greentree, Ellie Pan EcoThread
Sierra Mant Animal Dreams
Milla Klimkina Red Button Squid
Emilia Tommasello Turtle Trouble
Chloe Huang Just like me
Pippa Mann The 'Scrap' Castle
Tara Keshavarz Fabric Flowers
Sarah Triantis Why do we litter?
Naren Maninathan Tractor's Mess
Yu Chen Liu Plastic Bottle Fan
Isabelle Battiwalla Starry Blight 
Cody Ko, Kyan Werry, Neeco Wickham The Sewage
Mina Amano, Chloe Tye, Lois Cowper Rubbish Rainbow
Paige Hinton, Lliana Houssos Save our planet before the aliens do
Mia Parisio Endangered species across the world
Madeline Reid The Sleepy Ocean
Maiia Kurochkina, Katrin Pysarenko Recycled Reptiles
Haeum Yoo Kaleidoscopic Colour Ball
Caitlin Tye Cat Dog Dog
Cleo Maua Sea Serpents
Luca Funai, Noah Beaumont, Natalie Zhang, Oscar Barnes Recycle Time :)
Liam Newton, Oliver Lee, Leon Park Leaning Tower of Top Hats
Oliver Kolos Magnetised
Yeonsoo Park Hunting
Abigail Doo Hanging ocean life