Draft Sports Fields Action Plan – Towards 2036

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In 2021 Council reviewed the capacity of Council’s sporting infrastructure to cope with current and future demands. As a result, Council adopted the Open Space Future Provision Strategy (OSFPS) to provide a road map for enhancing both the capacity and accessibility of the City’s open space to meet recreation and sports facility needs to 2036.

The draft Sports Field Action Plan – Towards 2036 outlines an approach to implement the full-size sports field components of the OSFPS. More specifically, it presents an Action Plan for meeting the demand for full size sports fields to 2036.

The Action Plan recognises that to meet the future active sport and recreation needs of the community, a mix of infrastructure upgrades will be required. The recommended options and opportunities include:

  • Sports field lighting
  • Sport field layout optimisations
  • Synthetic conversions
  • Gaining access to school fields
  • Rezoning opportunities to create new fields and synthetic surfaces

The Action Plan prioritises projects based on their cost effectiveness and weighted according to how the different enhancement options increase capacity. This includes some projects to enhance capacity for mid-week winter night training (i.e. sports field lighting) and other projects to increase capacity both for training and weekend sports competitions (i.e. synthetics and creation of new fields).

Council is seeking your comments and feedback on the proposed strategies and actions to ensure that the City of Ryde’s sports fields meet the community’s sport and recreation needs well into the future.

We would like to hear what you think about the draft Action Plan, which ideas and recommendations are most important for you, and ideas you may have for improving the Plan. 


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