Council Resolution - Green Links Masterplan

Published on 13 September 2022

The Green Links Masterplan was recently presented to Council for adoption.

At the Council meeting held on Tuesday 26 July 2022, Council resolved the following:

(a) That Council adopts the Green Links Masterplan as its vision for the three corridors, but excludes the works within the Sydney Water lands between Quarry Road and Blaxland Rd, prepared by McGregor Coxall (June 2022).

(b) That Council write to thank Sydney Water for their input to the City of Ryde Green Links Masterplan and advise them the land between Quarry Road and Blaxland Road is no longer required.

(c) That outside the link referred to in Part (a), Council enters into detailed discussions with the respective land owners to formalise use of lands not owned by Council and delegate authority to the General Manager to do all things necessary to affect the progressive implementation of the Green Links Masterplan on these lands.

(d) That Council advocate for funding to expedite Masterplan implementation.

(e) That the Mayor writes to the relevant Minister to expedite implementation of the remaining projects of the Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct Masterplan which directly relate to the Green Links Masterplan.

(f) That Council write to thank all participants in the development of the Masterplan and inform them of this resolution.

The Green Links Masterplan has been updated to reflect the Council resolution of 26 July 2022:

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