Local Planning Panel | 2023 Expression of Interest

Submissions closed on 28 February 2023, 11:59 AM


Local Planning Panels (LPPs) came into operation in March 2018. The Panels ensure increased probity and accountability in the planning sector. Panels make decisions about sensitive, complex, or contentious Development Applications and provide advice in respect to Planning Proposals.

The LPP comprises a Chair (selected by the Minister of Planning), two independent expert members and a community member. The independent experts and the community member are selected by Council.

The Chair is required to have expertise in law or government and public administration. The experts are required to have expertise in one or more of the following areas: planning, architecture, heritage, the environment, urban design, economics, traffic and transport, law, engineering, tourism or government and public administration.

The community member is appointed to the Panel and is not required to have planning expertise. The role of the community representative is to ensure that local insight and knowledge are considered as part of the Panel’s decision-making process.

Councillors and Mayors are not permitted to be Panel members, nor are property developers or real estate agents.

For further information on the legislation and LPPs is outlined on the Department of Planning and Environment’s website.

Expression of Interest

City of Ryde is seeking expressions of interest from interested representatives from the local community.

While it would be an advantage for a local community representative to have a demonstrated understanding and experience in similar or related fields to the experts, this is not essential. The local community representative will ensure that local insights and knowledge are provided to the Panel.

Members will be renumerated for attending panel meetings and Panel meetings will typically be convened on a monthly basis.

The term of the engagement will be for a 3-year period with the option to extend this term by a further 3 years.

Before a community representative is appointed to the Panel, probity checks are required to be completed by Council. 

Submission Form

Submissions have now closed.

If you require more information about the Local Planning Panel | 2023 Expression of Interest, please contact Sandra Bailey – Executive Manager City Development on 0434 567 597 or Myra Malek - Senior Coordinator Technical Support on 9952 8425 or email cityofryde@ryde.nsw.gov.au.

If you require translating assistance, you may call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 and ask for an interpreter to contact Council for you.