Planning Proposal: 2 College St/10 Monash Rd, Gladesville

Submissions closed on 20 May 2015, 11:59 PM

201505 - HYS - MREC - 2 College St/10 Monash Rd, Gladesville

Planning Proposal and Draft Development Control Plan

Council received a request for changes to planning controls affecting land at 2 College Street (Lot 35A DP 401201) and 10 Monash Road (Lot 35B DP 401201) Gladesville. The request proposes changes to Council’s Local Environmental Plan (Ryde LEP 2014) and Development Control Plan (Ryde DCP 2014) as described in a planning proposal and draft DCP explained below.

The community was invited to consider and comment on the proposed changes before Council considers whether or not it should proceed further with amendments to Ryde LEP 2014 and DCP 2014.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has issued a Gateway Determination enabling the proposed changes to Council’s LEP to be publicly exhibited under section 57 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act including authorisation for Council to exercise its delegations with respect to the making of changes to the LEP. The planning proposal has been determined as low impact requiring public exhibition for a minimum of 14 days. A copy of the Draft Bunnings (Gladesville) Traffic and Parking Study has been included as supporting material to meet the requirements of the Gateway Determination.

Planning Proposal

Council has received a planning proposal regarding 2 College St and 10 Monash Road, Gladesville. A planning proposal explains the intended effect of proposed changes to Council’s LEP and the justification for making the changes. The proposal seeks to amend the relevant planning controls in Ryde LEP 2014 to:

  • Rezone 2 College St from R2 Low Density Residential to B4 Mixed Use (Note: 10 Monash Road is zoned B4 Mixed Use)
  • Permit a maximum building height of 12 and 13 metres at 2 College Street
  • Permit a maximum FSR of 1.7:1 at 2 College Street and 10 Monash Road, and
  • Permit a maximum building height of 15 metres at 10 Monash Road.

The objective and intended outcome of the planning proposal is to facilitate a mixed use development comprising residential and commercial land use across the two properties combined.

Draft Development Control Plan (DCP)

Ryde DCP 2014 gives detailed design guidance to support the provisions of Ryde LEP 2014. A request to amend DCP 2014 Part 4.6, applicable to the Gladesville and Victoria Road Corridor, accompanies the planning proposal.

Part 4.6 applies general controls plus key site controls providing detailed development guidelines for specific sites. 10 Monash Road is currently within the Monash Road key site. The intention of the request to amend DCP 2014 is to also include 2 College Street within the land to which DCP 2014 Part 4.6 applies as part of the Monash Road key site and to apply setback and other built form controls in order to minimise the impact of any future development on neighbours and create high quality built form. 

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Key related planning controls: 

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Political Gifts and Donations

Please note that in accordance with the Environment Planning and Assessment Act 1979, a person who makes a public submission to Council in relation to the draft DCP is required to disclose the following reportable political donations and gifts (if any) made by a person making the submission (or any associate of that person) within the period commencing two years before the submission is made and ending with when the draft DCP is made:

  • All reportable political donations made to any councillor
  • All gifts made to any councillor, candidate or employee

Further information on reportable political donations and a copy of the Political Donations Disclosure form is available from the Department of Planning and Environment website.