Securing our Future | Council's Special Rate Variation

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2015 - HYS - MREC

All the information you need to know about the Council's application for a Special Rates Variation,  including the comprehensive community consultation program, can be found on this page.

Watch a Video

Council has created a short simple clip to help explain how your rates are used in your local community.

Related Documents & FAQs

Some other related information you might find useful: 
FAQs - Click Here(PDF, 453KB) to view responses to the most frequently asked questions about the Securing Our Future proposal and its impact on the community

Information Brochure

Click here to read Council's information brochure including information about why the increase is important, what it will be spent on and how this will impact your rates.

Before & After Photos

SRV 2015/16 Completed Works

201404-HYS-Photo-1-Benson-Street-Before-Special-Rate-Variation.jpg201404-HYS-Photo-2-Benson-Street-After-Special-Rate-Variation.jpg201404-HYS-Photo-3-Wicks-Road-Before-Special-Rate-Variation.jpg201404-HYS-Photo-4-Wicks-Road-Before-2-Special-Rate-Variation.jpg201404-HYS-Photo-5-Wicks-Road-After-Special-Rate-Variation.jpg201404-HYS-Photo-6-Wolger-Road-Before-Special-Rate-Variation.jpg201404-HYS-Photo-7-Wicks-Road-In-Progress-Special-Rate-Variation.jpg201404-HYS-Photo-8-Wolger-Road-After-Special-Rate-Variation.jpg201404-HYS-Photo-9-Wolger-Road-After-2-Special-Rate-Variation.jpg2015 - HYS - MREC