Traffic & Parking Around Schools

Submissions closed on 10 March 2022, 11:59 PM


Road safety issues around schools are ongoing in every local government area. The demands on existing infrastructure and associated traffic and parking controls are ever increasing with the growth in population, school enrolments, and car use. 

City of Ryde receives a large number of requests for traffic and parking changes around schools, which require significant time for investigation and approval.  These matters are of a high priority and in order to best manage resource, each of the 28 schools in the City of Ryde has been prioritised and, taking enrolment projections into consideration, each schools’ catchment will be analysed to identify:

  • Community concerns, such as the ones raised by you
  • Improvements to pedestrian access routes to and from the schools, such as footpaths and road crossings, thereby reducing the reliance on motor vehicles
  • Improvements to vehicle access routes to and from schools, such as road widening, traffic calming and drop-off/pick-up zones, to assist those who must drive to school
  • Localised education and enforcement needs, to address the behavioural issues for each school

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For all other schools you can have your say by completing the online submission form below.  Your feedback will be part of a wider analysis to identify issues and improvements in each school's catchment area. 

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