Report an Issue

For urgent requests please call us 24/7 on 02 9952 8222.

You can report common issues or request services from Council using our easy online form 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Requests are sent to the right team, saving you time. 

Report an issue

Select from the drop-down list of categories, which includes:

  • Report an abandoned vehicle
  • Report a stray dog, a problem with a barking dog or report a missing pet
  • Request the removal of graffiti
  • Report an illegally parked vehicle
  • Report illegal dumping of rubbish
  • Change your mailing address for your rates notice
  • Report a road or footpath issue, such as pothole or trip hazard
  • Report missed garbage, recycling or green waste service
  • Report damaged bins
  • Report missing residential rubbish bins and request a replacement
  • Enquire as a community tenant
  • Report damaged equipment in a park
  • Request cleaning of public toilets
  • Request park mowing
  • Request a new street tree
  • Other request or report

Enter all the required fields on the form, providing as much detail as possible to ensure we can process your request.  You can add attachments such as images and the location details will show up in a handy map on screen. 

Once you have submitted your request or report, you will receive a unique case number on screen and to the email address you entered on the form. Should you wish to follow up on the request in future, please quote this number.