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Fees and Charges

Overdue Library Loans

Overdue Library Loans Fees/Charges GST inc.
Fines $0.30 per item per day No
Fast Reads overdue charge $1 per item per day No

Lost or Damaged Library Stock

Lost/Damaged Library Stock Fees/Charges GST inc.
Replacement charge for items lost or damaged beyond suitability for inclusion in stock Purchase price paid, plus $19 non-refundable stock processing fee No
Lost pieces/s of toy $7.50 per piece No
Lost toy bag $1.90 No
DVD/CD case lost/broken/defaced $3.50 No
DVD/CD paper insert lost/damaged $4.90 processing fee for replacement of lost insert. Item retained in the collection. No
Lost or damaged item wrap $7.50 No
Replacement of lost/damaged tags, e.g. RFID, barcodes $1.90 No
Lost CD $18.30 No
Replacement of lost, damaged or stolen Library membership card $5.70 No

Photocopiers and Printers

Photocopiers/Printers Fees/Charges GST inc.
A4 Black and White $0.20 per copy Yes
A4 Black and White (double sided)  $0.15 per copy Yes
A3 Black and White $0.40 per copy Yes
A3 Black and White (double sided)  $0.30 per copy Yes
A4 Colour $1.20 per copy Yes
A4 Colour (double sided) $0.90 per copy Yes
A3 Colour $2.40 per copy Yes
A3 Colour (double sided) $1.80 per copy Yes
Microfilm / Microfiche printer $0.40 per copy Yes

Information Retrieval

Information Retrieval Fees/Charges GST inc.
Specialised research for clients $173 per hour (Minimum of 1 hour, followed by 15 minute increments) Yes
Inter Library Loans (Charges levied upon Ryde Library Services) Actual charge as billed plus GST Yes
Inter Library Loan Processing Fee $2.50 Yes

Publications and Promotions

Publications/Promotions Fees/Charges GST inc.
Postcards $1 each
$5 per pack of 8
$6 per pack of 10
A Place of Pioneers by Phillip Greeves $6.50 Yes
Then and Now photographic book $6 Yes
A Wonderful Pair of Shoes $15 Yes
Oral History booklets $6 each Yes
Sweet and Savoury Family Favourites: a Collection of Recipes and Family Memories $15.60 Yes
Local Studies photographs Actual charge as billed plus GST and $5.65 postage and handling Yes

Activities and User Education

Activities/User Education Fees/Charges GST inc.
Children's/Youth/Adult activities - Basic $3.50 Yes
Children's/Youth/Adult activities - Standard $8.50 Yes
Children's/Youth/Adult activities - Special Special activities can range from $8-$150
Special activities at cost - concession available for designated activities
Workshops and training sessions - Standard $18.50 Concession available at $12.00  Yes
Workshops and training sessions - Premium At cost. Direct/staff costs as applicable divided by participants  
Book Club Membership $50 annual membership fee per group Yes
Library bags $2.00 Yes


Last updated on 29 June 2018