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Joining the Library

Membership is free. Sign up now to receive a new Library Card featuring our library mascot, Banjo Bandicoot.

To become a member of the library you must produce valid identification (ID) with both your name and current residential address e.g., Driver’s License, Photo ID, Bank statement, Rates Notice etc. Details must be printed. Hand-written details will not be accepted. 

If you do not have photo identification with your name and current residential address, you will need to produce another form of personal identification such as an official bill or account that includes current residential address AND a credit card, passport, student card etc. as a secondary form of ID.

There is no minimum age for joining, but if you are under the age of 16 years you will require a signature and identification from your parent or guardian. Your parent or legal guardian will need to present valid identification as well as proof of legal guardianship (e.g. Medicare card - showing name of parent and child, adoption or fostering papers, exchange student agency letter etc.). 

Acceptable Forms of Identification

The following are acceptable forms of identification. Please ensure you provide current versions:

  • Rates Notice
  • Bank / Building Society Statement
  • Drivers License 
  • Vehicle Registration Papers
  • Electoral Cards
  • Pension Cards
  • Electricity Account
  • Transport Concession Cards
  • Gas Account
  • Blind Citizens Australia Card
  • Water Account
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Telephone Account
  • Other official bills / accounts and documents with current residential address

Join Online

  1. Join Online through the Library Catalogue.
  2. Read the conditions of membership.
  3. Fill in the online registration form.

A temporary library membership number will be provided. 

You will need to complete your registration on your next visit. Bring with you proof of identification. 


Members are required to comply with the Conditions of membership and the provisions of the NSW Library Act 1939, as amended, and its Regulations.

Last updated on 8 November 2019