Cooling tower inspection program

Our inspection program is an effective way to protect the health of our local population.

Environmental Health officers at the City of Ryde perform an inspection and assessment program annually on all cooling water systems and towers, which includes an on-site inspection.

Additional activities include:

  • Responding to reportable Legionella counts of  ≥1,000 cfu/mL or HCC ≥5,000,000 cfu/mL
  • Following up systems with overdue certificates of RMP completion and audit completion
  • Responding to audits demonstrating noncompliance with the RMP and Regulation
  • Using authorised officers’ powers to enforce compliance with the RMP and Regulation, where appropriate.
  • Identifying unregistered cooling water systems
  • Assisting Public Health Units during a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak investigation

Note: Fees are charged for on-site inspections, along with processing requirements relating to RMP’s and audit completion records. See City of Ryde's Fees and Charges.