Register a cooling water system or warm water system

City of Ryde plays an important role in enforcing the control of Legionella in NSW. There are currently over 200 cooling water systems registered in the City of Ryde.

The Regulation specifies the following roles for local government authorities:

  1. Maintaining a register of all cooling water systems in their local government area. 
  2. Receiving notification of installation or a change in particulars (including decommissioning) of cooling water systems in their local government area. Notify City of Ryde(PDF, 181KB).
  3. Issuing occupiers with a unique identification number (UIN) for each cooling tower in their cooling water system. Once City of Ryde receives a registration, the UIN will be allocated.
  4. Receiving notification of reportable test results of Legionella count ≥1,000 cfu/mL or HCC ≥5,000,000 cfu/mL. Reports should be sent to and attentioned to Environmental Health.
    You should also contact City of Ryde Customer Service Centre on 99528222 and request to speak with the Environmental Health Team
  5. Receiving certificates of RMP completion and audit completion. All records should be sent to