Redevelopment 2006

The development application was lodged in 2006 by Bevillesta Pty Ltd. The developer sought consent to demolish the shopping centre and also approval for mixed use development to be carried out at the site.

Demolition of the Shopping Centre (Local Development No. 671/2006)

The development application proposed for the:

  • Removal and proper disposal of hazardous materials located throughout the centre and adjoining shops
  • Demolition of all existing built structures including all subterranean structures on the site
  • Removal of all existing trees and vegetation / landscaping
  • Temporary removal of existing bus shelters/stops from the western side of Devlin Street
  • Bulk excavation of the site; site remediation works
  • Associated shoring and retention systems (piling) for the excavation
  • Hoardings and fencing to secure the site
  • Removal of existing street lighting and bus stops on the eastern side of Devlin Street and replacement with temporary lighting
  • Decommissioning and disconnection of existing services including the disconnection of the existing water main located on the western side of Devlin Street.

This development application applied to the whole of the existing Top Ryde City shopping centre, part of the Council's Civic Centre site and surrounding streets containing service infrastructure.

Mixed Use Development (Local DA No. 672/2006)

The development application proposed for mixed use development to be carried out in stages. It sought approval for:

  • Amalgamation of lots within Precinct 2 and Precinct 3 of the Ryde Town Centre
  • Detailed design and construction over the whole of Precinct 2 and parts of Precincts 1 and 3 of a mixed use development including shops, refreshment rooms, commercial premises, recreation areas, community facilities, cinemas (place of assembly), child care centre, and church (place of public worship), with associated car parking, pedestrian and vehicular access arrangements, and public domain improvement works.

The development proposed:

  • Two lower ground retail levels
  • One ground floor retail level at Devlin Street
  • Two levels above ground for retail, cinemas, community and other recreational uses
  • Carparking levels for the retail for 3025 cars

In addition, it also included:

  • Outdoor plaza for community events
  • City of Ryde Centre for community uses (proposed to be fitted out as a new library)
  • Access ramps under Devlin Street serving the shopping centre
  • Two pedestrian bridges over Devlin Street linking to the Civic Centre
  • Granite paved footpaths, trees and street furniture.

This development application applied to the site occupied by the Top Ryde City shopping centre (generally bounded by Blaxland Road, Devlin Street, Pope Street and Tucker Street) and part of the Council's Civic Centre site along Devlin Street.

Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel (IHAP)

An Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel was established to assist assessment of this major application. The Panel had three members with expertise in law, planning, environment and traffic. 

The role of IHAP was to provide expert advice to Council as the consent authority on the veracity of the assessment process and the Planning Assessment Report. The IHAP was important in providing independant advice and a transparent process. 

Members of the community were also provided the opportunity to put forward their views to the Panel.

Voluntary Planning Agreement

The application to redevelop Top Ryde City shopping centre were accompanied by a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) between Council and the landowner. The purpose of the VPA was to provide high quality public domain works for the Ryde Town Centre and to carry out other works required to allow construction. For example, it facilitated relocation of the Ryde Cenotaph to its new location in Ryde Park.


Council approved both applications on the 8 May 2007. For further information see minutes of the Council Meeting 8 May 2007(PDF, 52KB) .