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Open Space, Sport and Recreation Program

We are committed to managing and maintaining our Open space assets to ensure safe access to recreation spaces for the entire community. A total of $28.5 million will be spent on the Open space, sport & recreation program in 2019/20.

Sportfield Floodlighting Renewal - Total Budget: $160,000
Location Status
North Ryde Park, North Ryde Current
Sportfield Floodlighting Expansion - Total Budget: $150,000
Location  Type of Work Status
Sportfield Renewal and upgrade - total budget: $1,060,000
Location Type of Work Status
Morrison Bay Park, Putney Drainage Works Current
Santa Rosa Park, Ryde Irrigation Update Current
upgrade of Sportfield amenities - Total Budget: $705,000
Location Type of Work Status
Monash Park, Gladesville  Grandstand Renewal Current
Playground renewal and upgrade - Total Budget: $995,000
Location Status
Meadowbank Park, Meadowbank Current
Passive parks Improvement and expansion - Total Budget: $2,590,000
Location Type of Work Status
Gannan Park(PDF, 156KB) Tree Planting Current 
Kings Park, Denistone East Park improvement and expansion Current
Memorial Park, Meadowbank Pedestrian Lighting Current
Putney Park, Putney Masterplan - Phase Southern Amenities Current
Putney Park, Putney Foreshore Walkway Current
Other Projects
Location Type of Work Status
Various locations(PDF, 194KB) Tree Planting Current
Putney Park, Putney Beach Activation Current


Last updated on 29 July 2020