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Top Cycling Tips

  • When riding at night wear light coloured clothes and if possible clothes or shoes with reflective material to make you more visible.
  • If you are riding and it starts to rain then stop and wait under shelter. Most of Sydney's rain showers only last 20 minutes or so.
  • If you are serious about cycling for transport buy the best rain jacket you can afford.
  • When riding on wet roads remember that they are much mor slippery than dry roads and your tyres are quite narrow. So you will need to slow down on corners.
  • Buy a bike that fits you in size and in purpose.
  • Wear glasses such as sunglasses or sports glasses to protect your eyes from dirt, dust and insects while riding.
  • Momentum is the friend of every cyclist.
  • You will be able to cycle much further if you use easy gears and spin the pedals at 70 to 90 revolutions per minute.
  • When choosing a route, don't necessarily cycle where you drive. The best cycle route may be quite different.
  • Cycle commuting is a great way to get that exercise each day you never find the time for.
  • Sound your bell & slow down when approaching others on a shared cycleway. Give pedestrians warning and room.
  • Why not cycle to the nearest railway station and train to work, rather than driving your car all the way?
  • Try to cycle regularly, cycle socially, cycle for local transport and cycle to school or work.
  • If you are planning to commute, do a practice ride on a Sunday when you don’t have to hurry. Take this map and check out the local streets.
  • If your route is not marked on this map ask other cyclists for route tips.
Last updated on 30 June 2015