Anzac Park


Anzac Park has been upgraded to include, as its centrepiece, a custom designed elevated play structure that has a natural finish complimenting the surrounding environment. Fitted with a variety of climbing rigs, this piece of equipment has varied climbing rigs that has different access points and a wobbly rope bridge that offers an interesting play experience. It also connects to a ‘junior’ unit with play elements suitable for little ones. The playground caters for a broad range of ages and abilities with play items within the playground and includes a large slide. Rocks, a thick carpet of leaves from fallen Pine Oak and plane trees, and a family of balancing timber elements are all part of this nature play. 

The nearby toddler area is fully accessible and its vibrant colours will appeal to a younger age group. During warmer weather, kids can have fun with a delightful small sandstone water play feature. 


Wattle Street, West Ryde 2114  View Map

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