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Shrimptons Creek Precinct Activation

Council’s vision to link parklands and open spaces along the Shrimptons Creek Corridor has been given $5 million funding boost from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment Precinct Support Scheme.

The funding will go toward enhancing the area for everyone that lives, visits and works in Macquarie Park and will include:   

  • Improved public access between parks
  • Upgraded seating, signage and lighting
  • An amphitheatre and stage for community events
  • Fitness stations
  • Upgraded playground and park improvements in Elouera Reserve
  • New amenities building in Wilga Park
  • Improved water quality and natural vegetation along Shrimptons Creek
  • Upgraded shared user path between Waterloo Road and Wilga Park

To view a concept plan of the Shrimptons Creek Precinct Activation (SCPA) project, click here(PDF, 138KB)

The Shrimptons Creek Precinct Activation project has been broken down into three components:

Wilga ParkElouera Reserve - Shrimptons Creek Riparian Corridor

Wilga Park 

Wilga Park will be an event location and a relaxing recreation space for everyone to enjoy and use.

The proposed design includes a terraced amphitheatre for public events or just to sit and relax on, a new amenities block, fitness equipment and free WiFi. Raised footpaths, upgrades to the existing shared pathway and new lighting will be installed to ensure all our users enjoy a safe and accessible walkway/cycleway. 

The Wilga Park upgrade is now closed for public feedback. Please visit our Have Your Say site for more details.

Wilga Park Project Timeline
2017 SCPA timeline circle3


Elouera Reserve

The new park opens in Summer 2018 with a fresh and enlivened park design developed from responses we received by the public in 2016.

We are putting in a new playground, a flower inspired public art installation and a series of terraced grassed areas for picnics and recreational sport.

Elouera Reserve lighting will also be upgraded to improve pedestrian visibility and safety moving through the area.   

Construction of a new playground and park upgrades including improved lighting and BBQ facilities have started for 6 - 8 months.

Construction is well underway. The contractor has completed the sandstone walling on the eastern side of the park that will help create a large kick about space. The works a progressing as schedule with completion expected in Summer 2017/18.

View images from the construction site below. 

What will the impact of the work be?
During the construction works, a temporary access path will be in place for pedestrian use. Residents and park users will be able able to move through Elouera Reserve between Waterloo Road and Lachlan Place via this alternative lit path. 
View maps of the works(PDF, 2MB) and of the temporary pedestrian access(PDF, 1MB) during construction here. 

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Shrimptons Creek Riparian Corridor

We will be looking at an integrated approach to help improve the health of Shrimptons Creek Corridor.

To improve the health of the creek we will be planting a number of native plants and regenerating existing areas to prevent further erosion. This work will involve selectively clearing areas of weeds to allow the natural plants to recover.

The re-vegetation works will continue throughout 2017 and 2018. Council's bush regeneration contractor will then manage the site. 

All three in creek stabilisation and water quality improvement control structures have been completed. These structures will improve the creek’s health in this area of Shrimptons creek by assisting to create increased oxygen flow for aquatic life. Councils contractor has now commenced clearing the weed species on the top of the embankment of Wilga Park side of the creek.

The lower sections closest to the creek have intentionally been left by Council to be retained during this project to ensure that critical habitat, corridor connection through Shrimptons creek and food sources necessary for our small native birds will remain whilst the section of the creek is undergoing rehabilitation and restoration.

The next step for these newly cleared areas will be followed up weed management which will involve regeneration monitoring for weed seeds that will germinate over the coming months. This will be followed by intensive weed control and replanting with locally significant species to Shrimptons creek.


More Information

Should you require further information about this project email and clearly mark 'Shrimptons Creek Precinct Activation' in the title, or call Council on 9952 8222.


Last updated on 15 November 2017