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Blaxland Lane, Ryde – Proposed ‘No Parking' and ‘No Stopping’ restrictions

Consultation closed on 26 September 2019

In response to concerns raised by local residents regarding pedestrian access to the footpath, Council is seeking feedback on a proposal to restrict parking on both sides of Blaxland Lane, Ryde.  

What are the proposed changes?

In order to improve access to the properties and the footpath leading to Belmore Street, it is proposed to install No Stopping at the end of the laneway in the vicinity of the footpath, and No Parking restrictions on either side of the laneway.  As part of the proposal the 10 metre statutory No Stopping distance at the intersection of Blaxland Lane and Lee Avenue will also be signposted.

Why is the change being considered?

Local residents have raised concerns that parked cars are restricting traffic movement as well as pedestrian access to the footpath.

Blaxland Lane is approximately 4.5 metres wide and when cars are parked in the laneway the width is reduced to less than 3 metres, which restricts traffic movement, including emergency vehicle access, which does not comply with current Australian Standard. Installation of No Parking on both sides of the laneway will improve traffic movement and access for emergency vehicles.

‘No Parking’ restrictions mean that a driver may stop their car for 2 minutes and move within 3 metres of the vehicle, which would allow residents to drop off and pick up goods/persons outside their property.

The installation of ‘No Stopping’ at the end of Blaxland Lane will allow pedestrian access to the footpath leading to Belmore Street.   

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Published on 26 September 2019

Have Your Say on Blaxland Lane, Ryde – Proposed Installation of ‘No Parking’ and ‘No Stopping' has now closed.


Have Your Say is now open

Published on 11 September 2019

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