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Draft DCP 2014 - Part 4.5 Macquarie Park Corridor

Consultation closed on 29 April 2015

What is a Draft Development Control Plan (DCP)

A Development Control Plan is a document which contains a set of detailed planning and design guidelines that complements the controls of a local environmental plan (LEP).

What is the Purpose of Draft DCP 2014 – Part 4.5 Macquarie Park Corridor?

Ryde DCP – Part 4.5 Macquarie Park Corridor was bought into effect in 2008 to give guidance and detail to:

  • Proposed new road location and designs to assist with congestion, walkability and connectivity
  • Proposed new park locations and sizes to help expand the public domain and provide new facilities for residents, visitors and workers in Macquarie Park
  • Proposed precincts centred on the rail stations within the corridor.
  • Create a high quality, well designed and activated centre.

The purpose of the Draft DCP 2014 – Part 4.5 Macquarie Park Corridor is to:

  • Ensure the controls are consistent with Ryde LEP (Amendment 1) Macquarie Park Corridor
  • Update the access and open space networks
  • Update the controls in relation to NSW Government legislative changes for example the North Ryde Station Urban Activation Precinct and City of Ryde Policy
  • Give greater clarity to the existing controls. 
Latest Updates

Plan Made - 11 September 2015

Published on 11 September 2015

Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014 Amendment 1 was notified on Friday 11 September 2015. This LEP amendment allows for development with additional height and floor space in the Macquarie Park Corridor (up to the height and FSR shown on the map) where provision is made for recreation areas and access networks. 

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Published on 29 June 2015

Submissions closed 4.30pm, 29 April 2015.

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