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Harvard Street, Gladesville - Installation of Loading Zone All Other Times

Consultation closed on 13 September 2019

City of Ryde is seeking feedback on a proposal to implement a ‘Loading Zone – At All Other Times’ on Harvard Street Gladesville, outside 20 Pittwater Road (CAV & CO Café).

What are the proposed changes?

On the north-eastern side of Harvard Street, outside 20 Pittwater Road frontage to Harvard Street there is an existing 20 metre long ‘No Parking Zone – Tuesday 5am to 11am’ to permit waste collection. At all other times parking is unrestricted.

Council is proposing to modify the existing parking arrangement by including a 9 metre long ‘Loading Zone – At All Other Times’. The existing ‘No Parking Zone – Tuesday 5am to 11am’ will remain. The short length of kerb side parking will cater for both deliveries to businesses and the routine waste collection.

Why is the change being considered?

On-street parking immediately along the Pittwater Road frontage is highly utilised and frequently occupied throughout the day. As a result, delivery drivers are currently unable to park their delivery truck in a safe and accessible location to load and unload. The commercial zone frontage to Harvard Street provides the opportunity to accommodate a Loading Zone without encroaching into the neighbouring residential on-street parking area. 

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Have Your Say has now closed

Published on 13 September 2019

Have Your Say on Harvard Street, Gladesville - Installation of Loading Zone - At all other times has now closed.

Have Your Say is now open

Published on 28 August 2019

Have Your Say on Harvard Street, Gladesville - Installation of Loading Zone - At All Times is now open until Friday 13 September 2019.

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