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Meadowbank Park Fields 7 and 8

Consultation closed on 30 June 2016
As part of Council’s 2016/2017 Delivery Plan works will be carried out at Meadowbank Park on Fields 7 and 8 to raise the level of the surface, install subsurface drainage, irrigation and returf. The long term benefits of these works will provide a safe expanded and more effective playing surface that is well drained and easier to maintain.


Scope of Works

As part of this project Council will be:

  • Reconstructing the two fields
  • Raising the level of the fields to match the existing levels of Fields 3 and 6
  • Installing irrigation, surface drainage and improving the stormwater infrastructure
  • Returfing both fields

Order of Works

Works will be carried out in the following stages:
  1. Works go out to tender
  2. Fields are reconstructed and levelled
  3. Irrigation and drainage works
  4. Fields are returfed and cricket pitch reinstated
  5. Turf establishment where fields are unavailable for use
Due to the significant construction it will be necessary to take the field out of play for approximately 9 months (weather permitting).
During stage 2 where the Fields are being reconstructed and levelled there will be a significant number of truck movements in the area. These will occur from the morning and throughout the day to be completed prior to peak hour in the afternoon. There will be some traffic management at the entry point to the site. On the next page is the route the trucks will be taking to and from the site.

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Latest Updates

Community Drop-In Session

Published on 8 June 2016

Council will be hosting a drop in session where you can discuss the project and raise any queries you may have.
Date: Wednesday 15 June 2016
Time: 5.00 - 6.00pm
Location: Meadowbank Park, Constitution Road West, Meadowbank (Rotunda near the playground)
If you are unable to attend this session and would like to discuss this project or provide feedback, please contact our Customer Service Team before 30 June 2016:
Phone: 9952 8222
By Email:
By Post: General Manager, City of Ryde, Locked Bag 2069, North Ryde NSW 1670


Meadowbank Park Fields 7 and 8 Community Drop-In Session 15 June 2016 to 15 June 2016

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