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Meadowbank Park Sportsfield Lighting

Consultation closed on 02 April 2017
The City of Ryde is proposing to install sportsfield lighting on one additional field in Meadowbank Park. This is part of its sportsfield lighting expansion program to create access to more facilities for sports training and general recreation by the local community. Meadowbank Park is considered one of our premier and important sporting and recreation areas within the City of Ryde. 
Why is Council installing additional sportsfield lighting at Meadowbank Park?
The City of Ryde’s population is forecast to grow by 17.84% by 2031, which equates to an additional 20,500 residents. Without additional open space areas and/or infrastructure being provided, the use of recreation facilities and sporting fields will significantly increase with this growth. This will cause intensive use of our existing outdoor playing fields, often resulting in overuse and adversely impacting on the standard and usability of these facilities.
The demand for sporting facilities is particularly high for midweek winter season training and is increasing for summer social sports competitions. The City of Ryde’s draft Sport & Recreation Strategy has identified the installation of lighting on an additional field at Meadowbank Park as a strategy to meet this demand and enable fair and equitable access to its sporting fields in the evening.
As part of our commitment to be a ‘City of Wellbeing’ as outlined in the 2021 Community Strategic Plan, Council has set a goal that our residents are supported to live healthy and active lifestyles. Installation of additional sportsfield lighting at Meadowbank Park will help us to achieve one of these goals by providing night lighting to extend sports field usage for training purposes.
Where are the lights going to be located?


Proposed area. Final location subject to consultation and final design.
About the Sportsfield Lighting
The lighting infrastructure is typically a galvanised steel pole with lamps attached to it directing light onto the sporting field. The lighting must comply with Australian Standards in regards to the spill light (light that falls outside the area to be lit).
What is the proposed operation of the floodlights?
The proposed operation is intended to be Monday - Thursday, 4.00 - 9.30pm in winter (April to August) and 6.00 - 9.00pm in summer (September to March), for training and social sport competition purposes.
What does the planning process involve?
Council will submit a Development Application (DA) and surrounding residents will be notified of the details and will have another opportunity to make a submission. Preparation for the reports for the submission of the DA is underway as Council has engaged independent consultants to undertake traffic and acoustic studies based on expected usage of the park. A lighting design is also being prepared identifying the light spill area. These reports will be considered as part of the planning assessment process by Council.
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Have Your Say for Meadowbank Park Sportsfield Lighting is now closed. 

Have Your Say is now open

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The Meadowbank Park Sportsfield Lighting survey is currently open until Sunday 2 April 2017.


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The feedback you provide will give us a better understanding of any concerns or questions you may have before the submission of a Development Application.
Community Drop-In Session

We would also like to invite you to come and meet Council's Project Team to discuss and learn more about the project.
Date: Saturday 25 March 2017
Time: Anytime between 10.00am - 12.00noon
Location: Meadowbank Park Field 10, End of Adelaide Street, Meadowbank

If you are unable to attend this session and would like to discuss this project, please contact our Customer Service Team on 9952 8222 during business hours. 


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