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Proposed Trial of Mobile Parklet – Charles Street, Putney

Consultation closed on 03 March 2021

Council is seeking feedback on a proposal to trial a mobile parklet on Charles Street, Putney to provide the community with additional amenity of outdoor seating to enhance the street space and encourage activity in the area.

What is a mobile parklet?

A mobile parklet is a repurposed trailer designed to transform a section of existing on street parking into shared public space, offering additional seating that is available for everyone to use. Mobile parklets expand the public space, add vibrancy to the street and in turn activate the area. They have been trialled across many different Councils with great success.

What is proposed as part of the trial?

The trial of the mobile parklet proposes the temporary removal of one (1) standard car parking space within the 15 minute parking zone on Charles Street, Putney for use of the mobile parklet. 

Subject to mobile parklet availability, the trial is proposed to commence in early March 2021 for a one month period.

A map showing the proposed location of the mobile parklet can be found in the 'View the Concept Plan' tab to the right. 

Prior to commencing a trial of the mobile parklet, Council would like to hear your feedback on the proposal. 

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Have Your Say has now closed

Published on 4 March 2021

Have Your Say on the Proposed Trial of Mobile Parklet – Charles Street, Putney has now closed.

Have Your Say is now open

Published on 17 February 2021

Have Your Say on the Proposed Trial of Mobile Parklet – Charles Street Town Centre, Putney is open until Wednesday 3 March 2021.

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