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Securing our Future | Council's Special Rate Variation

All the information you need to know about the Council's application for a Special Rates Variation,  including the comprehensive community consultation program, can be found on this page

Latest Updates

Planning is underway for the $4.49 million 2016/17 SRV Program of Works

Published on 10 November 2015

These works include:
  • Road Resurfacing
  • Footpath Construction
  • Road Kerb Renewal
  • Stormwater Replacement
  • Sportsfield Upgrade and Renewal
  • Playground Renewal and Construction
  • A further $490,000 in additional key maintenance works
A further update on the 2016/2017 SRV projects details will be available in May 2016.

SRV Footpath Renewal Projects $200,000 – Completed 15 October 2015

Published on 15 October 2015

100+ locations of which seven of the larger paths are listed below:
  • Victoria Road - Adelaide Street to Cobham Avenue, West Ryde
  • Meadowbank Park Shared User Path
  • 35 Federal Road, West Ryde
  • 64 North Road, Denistone East
  • 8 Beltana Street, Denistone
  • 84-86 Bennett Street, West Ryde
  • 104 Melba Drive, East Ryde

Special Rate Variation (SRV) 2015/16 Program of Works

Published on 15 October 2015

The 2015/16 program of works for the Special Rate Variation (SRV) has now been completed as at 15 October 2015 at a total cost of $1.99 million.

SRV Road Resurfacing Projects $1.79 million - Completed 15 October 2015

Published on 15 October 2015

  • Bronhill Avenue (Pittwater Road – cul de sac), East Ryde
  • Chatham Road (Dickson Ave – Victoria Rd), West Ryde
  • Church Street (Wandoo Ave – Willandra Rd), Ryde
  • Doomben Avenue (Ball Ave – House No. 4), Eastwood
  • Bank Street (Union St – Constitution Rd), West Ryde
  • Bayview Street (Beach St – cul de sac), Tennyson Point
  • Bayview Street (Teemer St – Beach St), Tennyson Point
  • Benson Street (Clarke St – cul de sac), West Ryde
  • Brian Street (cul de sac (n) – Ellen St), Ryde
  • Falconer Street (Victoria Rd – Mulvihi St), West Ryde
  • Meriton Street (Victoria Rd – Morrison Rd), Gladesville
  • Wicks Road (Epping Rd – Waterloo Rd), North Ryde
  • Wicks Road (Barr St – Epping Rd), North Ryde

IPART announces outcome

Published on 18 May 2015

IPART released a statement today announcing the approval of Council's submission for a rates increase over the next four years stating:

“The Council of the City of Ryde was able to meet the criteria for approval of the special variation by demonstrating a clear need for the additional revenue, that it had appropriately engaged the community about the proposed rate increases, and that it is taking steps to improve productivity and contain costs....In making this assessment, we also considered the council’s long term financial plan and whether the impact of the variation on affected ratepayers is reasonable. Although the increases are significant, we have determined that they are reasonable under the criteria given that current rates are below many similar council areas.”

Based on the City of Ryde’s application, average residential rates will increase by $61 in 2015-16 and average business rates will increase by $581.

You can view IPART's full determination here

Stage 3 | Complete

Published on 16 February 2015

At Council’s meeting of 11 November, Council resolved to notify IPART (Independent Price and Regulatory Tribunal) of Council’s intentions to make a Special Rate Variation application for a 7% per annum increase (inclusive of the 3% rate peg) for four years. As part of the application, IPART requires Council to prepare an updated delivery plan which outlines in detail where the proposed increase will be spent. This will be on public exhibition for comment from 3 December 2014 to 20 February 2015 and will be available on Council’s website for viewing during this time.

The City of Ryde at its meeting on Tuesday 10 February 2015 endorsed the Revised Delivery Plan for 2014/2018 and Operational Plan 2014/2015, which includes Council making an application for a Special Rating Variation to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal [IPART]. The Special Rate Variation application was submitted on 16 February 2015 to IPART for consideration, with a determination by 19 May 2015. 

Stage 2 | Complete

Published on 1 October 2014

Council is compiling all of the feedback as well as further financial information, all of which will be presented back to Council before the end of November. Council will consider the community feedback and other related information and make a determination on whether or not to proceed with an IPART application.

Stage 1 | Complete

Published on 2 April 2014

The Securing our Future brochure has been mailed directly to all ratepayers and will start to arrive in letterboxes from Tuesday 29 July, 2014. Please find a copy of the brochure at the top of this page.

As outlined in the brochure, Council’s aim is to provide high quality services to its community. However, the revenue we receive from rates is unfortunately not adequate enough to keep pace with the increasing costs of maintaining our assets (e.g. libraries, buildings, parks) and infrastructure (e.g. roads, footpaths, cycleways). 

We either need to increase our income by increasing rates or reduce our expenditure by decreasing the level of services we provide our community.

As part of the process of making this decision, Council is looking for feedback from you - the ratepayer. Hearing from you on this important issue is vital for us so please make sure you provide us with your feedback through one of the many avenues made available to you. 

Watch a Video

Council has created a short simple clip to help explain how your rates are used in your local community 

Related Documents & FAQs
Some other related information you might find useful: 

FAQs - Click here(PDF, 449KB) to view responses to the most frequently asked questions about the Securing Our Future proposal and its impact on the community

Information Brochure

Click here to read Council's information brochure including information about why the increase is important, what it will be spent on and how this will impact your rates 


Before & After Photos

SRV 2015/16 Completed Works

Last updated on 11 November 2015