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Shrimptons Creek Shared User Path Lighting

Consultation closed on 14 March 2021

As part of the City of Ryde’s on going commitment to safety and promoting an active lifestyle, Council will be installing lighting along Shrimptons Creek shared user path between Bridge Road and Epping Road in the 2021/2022 financial year. This will include the installation over 60 new light poles in the following sections of the shared user path:

  • Bridge Road to Cook Street
  • Ford Street to Kent Road
  • Kent Road to Epping Road

Council would like to hear your feedback on the draft concept design. To view the draft concept design, click on the 'View the Concept Plans' tab to the right.  

Following community consultation, Council will consider all feedback received and update the design as appropriate. 

Why is Council installing lighting on the Shrimptons Creek Shared User Path?

As part of the City of Ryde’s commitment to safety and ‘Our Active and Healthy City’ outlined in the 2028 Community Strategic Plan, Council has set a goal to provide opportunities for recreation and active living. The installation of the lighting on the shared user path will increase use of the path after dark and therefore enhance active transport and recreation opportunities for the community.

What proposed lights are being installed?

The proposed lighting infrastructure will generally consist of poles 5 metres in height with energy efficient LED light fittings. 

The lighting brightness will comply with Australian Standards for pedestrian and cycleway lighting levels for public spaces (Category PP2 of AS/NZ 1158.3.1:2020). If required, glare shields will be included to minimise light spill to comply with Australian Standards. 

The height of the poles have been considered for light spill and vandal resistance. To reduce the risk of a collision hazard, the poles will be 0.5m set back from the shared user path. The proposed poles and light fittings comply with the Australian Standard requirements.

What are the proposed operation times of the lights?

In the afternoon, the lights will turn on when the sensor detects insufficient natural light. At night, the lights are proposed to turn off at 11.30pm in summer and 10.30pm in winter. In the morning, the pathway lighting is proposed to turn back on at 5.00am and turn off when a sensor detects sufficient natural light. This is in accordance with City of Ryde's Open Space Lighting Policy (Available here to view) 

Council is currently considering installing motion sensors which could dim the lights in sections from 9:30pm to 50% if no one is using the pathway. Once the sensor detects someone using the pathway, the lights would then increase back to 100% to allow for the person to move through the path area.


To inform the delivery of this project, an independent consultant has been engaged to prepare a 'Review of Environment Factors'. An Ecologist has also been engaged to minimise potential impacts on fauna. 

What works will potentially be undertaken?

  • Open trenching, tunnel boring and vacuum excavation to install foundations, poles, conduits and electrical pits
  • Installation of new poles and LED lights
  • Electrical cabling works
  • Installation of new switchboards
  • Replacement of sections of concrete pathway
  • Returfing and revegetation if required
  • Existing lighting within Flinders Park and Tindarra Reserve will be removed following the installation of the new lighting 
Will any trees be removed as part of this project? 

No trees are proposed to be removed as part of this project. However, during installation should a tree require removal, it will be replaced with 2 new trees. 

Is Council planning to install lighting in other sections of the Shared User Path?

Quarry Road to Bridge Road (within Santa Rosa Park)
Lighting to be installed as part of a future project when funding is available.

Epping Road to Wilga Park
Lighting will be installed as part of the Ivanhoe redevelopment. 

Wilga Park and Waterloo Road
Lighting will be installed in a separate project when future funding is available. 

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Have Your Say is now open

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