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Heritage Review

Following a Council resolution in November 2017, GML Heritage Consultants were engaged to conduct a detailed heritage review of the City of Ryde Local Government Area.

As part of this review, GML Heritage Consultants identified built, landscape and archaeological items that are of heritage significance to the City of Ryde.

Based on the review's recommendations, a Planning Proposal has been prepared which seeks to  include the identified heritage items in Schedule 5 Environmental heritage of the Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014. 

Under the amendments, it is proposed that 44 new heritage items are created in the City of Ryde. This includes:

  • Thirty properties including comprising Federation cottages, Inter-war bungalows and Victorian Georgian villas
  • Seven public parks and a reservoir
  • Three street tree boulevards 
  • Two shops
  • One licensed hotel
  • One public school

In addition, six new heritage conservation areas are proposed for the following areas:

  • Chatham Road, Eastwood
  • Darvall Estate, Denistone
  • Lunds Estate, Eastwood
  • Summerhayes, Eastwood
  • Tyrell Street, Denistone
  • Wharf Road, Gladesville

It is also proposed that the former Squire’s Brewery and Halvorsen’s Boat Yard in Putney and the Glades Bay Baths in Gladesville will be listed as archaeological sites. 

Protections for heritage items 

Heritage items and properties located in heritage conservation areas are provided with protections guarding them from inappropriate development. 

New works are required to be sympathetic to the character and style of the heritage item and/or the heritage conservation area. 

Creating heritage items can also provide greater certainty to property owners and prospective buyers.  

Community consultation

Community consultation on the heritage amendments is taking place until 10 November 2019. 

More information on the consultation is available on the Have Your Say page. 


Last updated on 11 October 2019