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Published on 02 February 2022


Stephen-Cooper-1.png Tell us a bit about who you are and what kind of creative work you make
Hi, I am Stephen Cooper. I am a corporate photography specialist working as a photographer in print media, video and portraiture

Photography is my passion. It gives me plenty of opportunities to unleash my creativity - problem-solving, using the latest tech to enhance my finished product and keeping ahead of trends for the best outcome for my clients. 

I also love helping others tap into their creativity, I teach photography classes. 

Stephen-Cooper-4.png In my spare time, I indulge my love of the ocean and get out whenever I can with my underwater camera gear to explore the natural world.  

Who or what inspires you? 
From the first time I picked up a camera, I have loved photography. I love the way it allows me to connect with people; that collaborative process between me and the subject fuels me to create the best imagery possible.  

How does your personal history, culture or experience inform your creative work?  
Stephen-Cooper-2.png Working in photography, I have been fortunate to see a lot of different ways of life and needed to develop empathy and understanding for others. Photography is a window to the world. I feel lucky to be able to tell peoples stories andfeel that understanding and seeing other perspectives enriches my creative process. 

What is a creative project that you’ve worked on that you’re really proud of? Why?  
I have always loved the ocean and photography and by mixing these passions, a broader creativity has been unleashed. My passion project is photographing whales in Tonga, seals, whale sharks, dolphins, and turtles. I have also now expanded into underwater portraits, which has many challenges but the outcomes are rewarding. Stephen-Cooper-5.png

What’s the most challenging part of working as an artist / creative? 
As a creative whose role is to work collaboratively with my subjects, it is important for me to share my vision and be adaptable and open to all ideas. It is also helpful to edit down ideas quickly, which is something I have become much better at over the years.  

Do you have any rituals or routines that help you to be more creative?  
Finding time to settle and be quiet in nature – even if it is only for 15 minutes is a great reset and helps with the flow of creativity. Stephen-Cooper-3.png

Do you have any top tips for emerging artists and creatives just starting out?  
It is about what you know, but it is also very much about who you know. Take time to seek out mentors often, you’ll find others are keen to share their knowledge with you. 

Support and encourage other fellow creatives; there are always times when two heads are better than one, the life of a creative can be a lonely one at times, and it is always good to help each other out. 

Research, research, research – never think you know it all, be curious and explore. 

Stephen-Cooper-6.png Where can we find out more about your work and get in touch? Please provide links to website or social media 
Art Lovers: 
Phone: 0422 656 889 

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