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How-to Guides for Creatives

Browse through our general guides for useful tips on how a range of topics for artists and creatives.

General Advice

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Organising an Event

Looking to organise an event for the first time? Our guide covers points to consider as you start planning from through to budgeting and promoting your event.
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Marketing your Creative Event

Reach our to your intended audience with this guide covering how to define your audience, what images and text to use, and ways to spread the word.
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Social Media Tips for Creatives

Not sure which social media platforms to devote your energy and time to? This guide gives you an overview of the major social media platforms and some general advice.
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Person-writing-unsplash_MREC.jpg Writing an Engaging Artist Bio

A strong and engaging artist bio is something that you will use again and again in your creative career. Here are some tips to get you started.
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Grants and Funding

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Funding your Creative Project

Have a great idea but not sure how to bankroll with it? Here are some ideas for where to find funding for your creative project.
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Writing a Grant Application

Creative grants are notoriously competitive. This guide contains useful materials and top tips for compiling your application to stand out from the crowd.
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Writing a Grant Acquittal Report

Got the grant? Delivered a great project? Next, it's time to submit your acquittal report with advice on what to include and how to write the report.
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Visual Arts and Craft

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Writing an Exhibition Proposal

Looking to exhibit works in a gallery? Make your exhibition proposal stand out for all the right reasons with our advice on how to strengthen your application.
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Organising an Art Exhibition

Turning an initial artistic concept into a real-life exhibition can be daunting. Here are our top tips to help you organise a successful exhibition.
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Writing an Artist Statement

Stumped when it comes to explaining your practice and work in words? These handy tips will help you get started on conveying your concept through writing.
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Photographing your Artwork

Taking a quality photo that best reflects your artwork can be tricky. Read these general tips to learn how to improve your photography.
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Pricing your Art or Creative Product

This guide provides general tips to help you experiment and find the options for selling your creative work to find the best fit for you.
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Ways to Sell Your Creative Product

Pricing your creative work can be a challenge because there is no one size fits all solution. These general tips will give you a place to start.
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Performing Arts

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Organising a Gig

Planning a gig? This guide gives an overview of what you'll need to do and tips on how to avoid hiccups so that your music event runs smoothly.
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Organising a Performance

From how to put your team together through to ticketing your event, this guide will outlines what you'll need to plan to get your performance on stage.
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Getting your Writing Published

Having trouble getting your work published? Discover ways that help perfect your pitch and get your writing published.
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Last updated on 30 September 2020