Improvements to Glen Reserve

Council is investing in improvements to Glen Reserve, Eastwood in an attempt to curb reported anti-social behaviour.

A day and night audit of the park was undertaken by the Crime Prevention Officer from Eastwood Local Area Command, Council's Park Assets team and Road and Community Safety Project Officer.

As a result, a number of measures were recommended which were endorsed by the Crime Prevention Advisory Committee. Council then agreed to implement the recommendations.

Tree trimming and a cleanup of the park took place when concerns were first raised. Additional measures to be undertaken include:

  • Engaging an independent lighting consultant to provide Council with advice on how to improve lighting options
  • Relocation of picnic settings to where there is more public passive surveillance
  • Continued maintenance of vegetation to improve sight lines from Shaftsbury Road to the car park and to allow better lighting from existing sources on the north side of Glen Reserve
  • A request for increased patrols by Eastwood Police during times when anti-social behaviour is common.