Council Meeting - 8 December 2020

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To watch the reconvened Council Meeting, held on 15 December 2020, click on the drop down box below.

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Meeting Documents

Agenda(PDF, 11MB)

Minutes(PDF, 636KB)

Mayoral Minutes

Mayoral Minutes(PDF, 89KB)

  • Mayoral Minute 13/20 - Additional Recycling Waste Service – Christmas Period
  • Mayoral Minute 14/20 - Resignation of Steve Kludass – Director of Corporate Services


Notices of Motion

Notices of Motion(PDF, 48KB)

  • Notice of Motion 3 - Litter Overflowing from Bins Along Parramatta River - Councillor Penny Pedersen
  • Notice of Motion 4 - Consultation Process - Councillor Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 5 - Maintenance Policy for Trees Planted on Nature Strips and Council Owned Land - Councillor Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 6 - Remove and Replace Mayoral News Column - Councillor Dr Peter Kim

Late Report

Late Items 13 - 14(PDF, 333KB)

  • Late Item 13 - Referendum Regarding Popular Election of Mayor
  • Late Item 14 - New Nominations for the Sport and Recreation and Wheeled Sports Advisory Committee

Late Item 15(PDF, 462KB)

  • Late Item 15 -Local Government Remuneration Tribunal Determination – Recategorisation of City of Ryde from Metropolitan Medium to Metropolitan Large Council