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Council Meeting - 13 December 2016

 Unfortunately, due to technical issues, the webcast from the Council Meeting held on 13 December 2016 is unavailable.

Agenda Minutes

Meeting details

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Agenda(PDF, 5MB)

Minutes(PDF, 350KB)

Notices of Motion
Mayoral Minute
Items 2 and 3(PDF, 389KB)
  • Item 2 - Report of the Planning and Environment Committee Meeting 10/16 held on 6 December 2016
  • Item 3 - Report of the Ryde Civic Hub Committee Meeting 10/16 held on 6 December 2016
Items 4 and 5(PDF, 398KB)
  • Item 4 - Report of the Works and Community Committee Meeting 10/16 held on 16 December 2016
  • Item 5 - Report of the Finance and Governance Committee Meeting 10/16 held on 13 December 2016
Late Items(PDF, 4MB)
  • Council Report For Item 7 - Draft Medium Housing Code and Draft Medium Density Design Guide
  • Late Precis of Correspondence - YMCA NSW - Appearance Before The Royal Commission Hearing Into Institutional Response To Child Sexual Abuse

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