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Tuesday 28 May 2019

Agenda(PDF, 3MB)

Minutes(PDF, 362KB)


Notices of Motion(PDF, 283KB)

  • Notice of Motion 3 - Senior Citizen's Community Project - Clr Peter Kim
  • Notice of Motion 4 - Investigation of Ticketed Parking Scheme Glen Street Lakeside Road Car Park, Eastwood - Clr Simon Zhou
  • Notice of Motion 5 - Our Lady, Queen of Peace Primary School - Clr Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 6 - Work Health and Safety Concerns at Council Meetings - Clr Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 7 - City of Ryde Cork and Fork Event - Clr Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 8 - Investigate Water Amenities at North Ryde Common - Clr Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 9 - Bunnings Council Engagement - Community and Sustainability Initiatives - Clr Roy Maggio

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Last updated on 4 June 2019