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Arts Advisory Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The Arts Advisory Committee was created in September 2017.  Its primary role is to progress arts and culture within the City of Ryde by supporting existing and growing artistic talent, using arts and culture to celebrate community identity and enhance social cohesion, and to promote creative industries and infrastructure.

For more information on this committee, download the Arts Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 234KB).


Chairperson: Clr Christopher Gordon
Councillor(s): Clr Penny Pedersen (Deputy Chairperson)
Community Representatives: Antonia Courtelis, Rose Torossian, Leonard Fung, Anna-Eugenia Binnie, Margaret Mayger, Therese MacKenzie, Suzanne Hauser, Jen Humphrey, Priya Eliezer, Rita Lepedjian, Alison Wall, Edna Wilde OAM, Jenny Eriksson


Meetings are held on Mondays in the Council Committee Room Level 1A, 1 Pope Street, Top Ryde at 6 pm. 

2021 meeting dates: 8 February, 10 May August meeting cancelled due to Council elections, November (TBC)

Agendas Minutes
10 May(PDF, 158KB)
8 February(PDF, 159KB)
8 February(PDF, 117KB)
(Advisory Committees on 11 May, 10 August and 9 November were cancelled)
10 February(PDF, 291KB)     10 February(PDF, 113KB)
11 November(PDF, 533KB) 11 November(PDF, 177KB)
12 August(PDF, 112KB) 12 August(PDF, 198KB)  
13 May(PDF, 369KB) 13 May(PDF, 286KB)  
11 February(PDF, 384KB) 11 February(PDF, 214KB)
12 November(PDF, 79KB) 12 November(PDF, 262KB)
13 August(PDF, 79KB) 13 August(PDF, 270KB)
14 May(PDF, 75KB) 14 May(PDF, 177KB)  
12 February(PDF, 77KB) 12 February(PDF, 267KB)
Last updated on 10 September 2021