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Festivals and Events Advisory Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

Provides advice and feedback on the delivery and development of festivals and events in the City of Ryde. 


Chairperson: Clr Peter Kim
Councillor(s): Clr Simon Zhou (Deputy Chairperson), Clr Trenton Brown, Clr Penny Pedersen, Clr Edwina Clifton, Clr Maggio
Community Representatives: Roseanna Gallo, CHE FAI (Jeffery) TSE, Rose Torossian, Hugh Lee, Joseph Yu, Anthony Ching, Daniel Han, Lee Sun Lee, Maria Zappia, Anita Bird, Nora Etmekdjian, Michael Park, Jessica Matthews, Austin Kim, Corina Seeto, Jacqui Owens, Shelly Slone-Zhen, Emma Paxton, Kim Lee, Joe Bechara, Phillip Ward


Meetings are held on a quarterly basis on the 4th Monday of the month at the Committee Meeting Room,  1A Pope Street, Top Ryde (above Top Ryde Library) at 6.00 pm 

2018 meeting dates: 26 February, 28 May, 27 August, 26 November

Agendas Minutes
28 May 2018(PDF, 116KB)

28 May 2018(PDF, 189KB)
- Presentation(PDF, 3MB)

26 Feb 2018(PDF, 109KB) 

26 Feb 2018(PDF, 209KB)

- Current Events in the City of Ryde presentation(PDF, 4MB)
- Seeking Advisory Committee Advice for Potential Markets in the City of Ryde(PDF, 675KB)
- An investigation into hosting 'Live Sites' for the 2018 FIFA World Cup(PDF, 2MB)

Last updated on 20 June 2018