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Sustainability Working Group

Nominations close on Sunday 22 May 2022.

The primary function of the Sustainability Working Group is to consider matters and inform Council of community views, priorities and topics regarding the natural environment and sustainability topics including renewable energy and resource efficiency, resilience and climate change mitigation and adaption within the Ryde LGA and regional initiatives.

Composition of Committee

  • All Councillors are eligible to attend and participate in each City of Ryde working groups, without formal membership, in accordance with their Terms of Reference, noting that the position of Chairperson on each Working Group is to be held by the appointed staff convenor.
  • Community representatives

Community Membership of the Sustainability Working Group comprises of:

  • Up to 2 Local industry/business/ community group representatives
  • Up to 5 Bushcare group representatives, (representing each ward)
  • Up to 3 Community representatives (not aligned with a specific interest group)
  • Up to 3 Student/ University or TAFE representatives
Selection Criteria

Nominations will be assessed by Council against the criteria below.

Member capacity to represent the balanced interests of the Ryde community and the local environment related to the City of Ryde with

  • A good knowledge and interest in terms of natural areas, management for conservation and climate change including bushfire management, weeds, bushcare and regeneration
  • Individual knowledge of and ability to support and champion renewable energy technologies and resource efficiency programs and policies within the local context and an understanding of their contribution towards achieving net zero emissions goal for Ryde AND/OR
  • An interest in building the capacity and resilience of Ryde residents through resilience programs and initiatives in line with objectives set out in Councils adopted Ryde Resilience Plan and in Greater Sydney AND/OR
  • No more than 13 representatives will be chosen to participate to allow adequate participation to the group representatives at each meeting
  • Student representatives must be over the age of 16 years

All Working Group meetings will be “hybrid” meetings with attendance either in person or via remote audio-visual attendance permitted.

If you would like to discuss your interest please call Council's Senior Coordinator, Environment Katie Helm on 9952 8222.

Past Agendas and Minutes

Past Agendas and Minutes | Bushland and Environment Advisory Committee

Agendas Minutes
9 June 2021(PDF, 117KB)
10 March 2021(PDF, 99KB) 10 March 2021(PDF, 185KB)
9 December 2020(PDF, 136KB) 9 December 2020(PDF, 173KB)
11 March 2020(PDF, 103KB) 11 March 2020(PDF, 182KB)
11 December 2019(PDF, 158KB) 11 December 2019(PDF, 188KB) 
11 September 2019(PDF, 102KB) 11 September 2019(PDF, 194KB) 
12 June 2019(PDF, 101KB) 12 June 2019(PDF, 209KB)
13 March 2019(PDF, 103KB) 13 March 2019(PDF, 223KB)
12 December 2018(PDF, 116KB)  
12 September 2018(PDF, 104KB) 12 September 2018(PDF, 216KB)  
13 June 2018(PDF, 102KB) 13 June 2018(PDF, 239KB)
14 March 2018(PDF, 101KB) 14 March 2018(PDF, 244KB)
14 August 2017(PDF, 101KB)
19 June 2017(PDF, 100KB)  

19 June 2017(PDF, 248KB)  

Presentation by Applied Ecology P/L(PDF, 9MB)
Infrared Camera Footage: Swamp wallaby at Portius Park
Infrared Camera Footage: Bandicoot at Field of Mars Reserve
Infrared Camera Footage: Bandicoot, rabbit and fox at Pembroke Park
Infrared Camera Footage: Swamp wallaby, bandicoot, fox and rat at Pembroke Park

8 May 2017(PDF, 102KB) 8 May 2017(PDF, 102KB)
13 February 2017(PDF, 109KB) 13 February 2017(PDF, 260KB)  
14 November 2016 14 November 2016(PDF, 253KB)  
17 October 2016(PDF, 123KB) 17 October 2016(PDF, 360KB)  
18 July 2016(PDF, 110KB)   18 July 2016(PDF, 278KB)  
30 May 2016(PDF, 110KB)   30 May 2016(PDF, 269KB)
8 February 2016(PDF, 138KB)  8 February 2016(PDF, 214KB)
16 November 2015(PDF, 110KB) 16 November 2015(PDF, 144KB)
17 August 2015(PDF, 108KB) 17 August 2015(PDF, 177KB) 
18 May 2015(PDF, 111KB) 18 May 2015(PDF, 181KB)
9 February 2015(PDF, 109KB) 9 February 2015(PDF, 178KB)
8 September 2014(PDF, 108KB) 8 September 2014(PDF, 93KB)
28 July 2014(PDF, 110KB) 28 July 2014(PDF, 192KB)

Past Agendas and Minutes | Renewable Energy Advisory Committee

Agendas Minutes
11 March 2021(PDF, 103KB)
9 December 2020(PDF, 101KB) 9 December 2020(PDF, 147KB)
11 March 2020(PDF, 100KB)
11 December 2019(PDF, 138KB) 11 December 2019(PDF, 142KB)
11 September 2019(PDF, 100KB) 11 September 2019(PDF, 171KB)
12 June 2019(PDF, 158KB) 12 June 2019(PDF, 168KB)
13 March 2019(PDF, 156KB)   13 March 2019(PDF, 167KB)
12 December 2018(PDF, 114KB)   12 December 2018(PDF, 169KB)  
12 September 2018(PDF, 113KB)   12 September 2018(PDF, 169KB)   
13 June 2018(PDF, 99KB) 13 June 2018(PDF, 178KB)  
14 March 2018(PDF, 103KB) 14 March 2018(PDF, 199KB)

Last updated on 24 May 2022