Weed Control

Photo of Pampas Grass

You can take simple actions to help prevent the spread of weeds in our local environment.

How to Identify Weeds

From seeds consumed by birds to weeds used as ornamental plants, there are many ways in which weeds can spread from one region to another. You probably didn't know but some weeds are bought and used as decorations in aquariums, homes and even at events! By knowing your weeds and choosing not to take them home, you are already making a difference.

To find more about the invasive weeds City of Ryde is focusing on, see our list of High Priority Weeds. For an overview of weeds in the Sydney North region, you can download the Stop the Spread(PDF, 3MB) brochure.

You can also refer to information available in the free and handy apps Environmental Weeds of Sydney (iOs devices only) and Weedwise

Control Weeds

Treatment techniques will vary from weed to weed. Council Officers can provide individual advice and information on how to control specific weeds, however, we do not undertake works on private property.

Read the information sheets below or watch our Weed Watch Ryde video series on how to remove certain types of plants.

How to remove small hand-pullable plants

Instructions on how to control small hand-pullable plants

How to remove vines and scramblers

Instructions on controlling vines and scramblers

How to remove weeds with underground reproductive structures

Instructions on controlling weeds with underground reproductive structures

Instructions on controlling weeds with underground reproductive structures

How to remove woody weeds

Instructions on controlling woody weeds

Instructions on controlling woody weeds

Weed Watch Ryde Videos

Asparagus Fern


Turkey Rhubarb


Identifying Cassia (weed) from Coffee Bush (native)


Balloon Vine


Mickey Mouse Plant


Green Cestrum

For more information and videos on how to control your weed problems, please visit the Sydney Weeds website.

How to Dispose of Weeds

Whilst controlling weeds on your property it is important that you dispose of them properly by putting them into your green-lidded bin.

What goes into your green-lidded bin?
  • Weeds
  • Flowers
  • Unwanted plants
  • Tubers
  • Seeds
  • Include lawn clippings, branches less than 75mm in diameter and leaves.
  • Not Palm fronds
Did you know?

You can get an additional green lid garden organics bin for less than $1 per week. For more information, call Customer Service on 9952 8222.

Become a Bushcare Volunteer

If you're keen to help us preserve our local bushlands, why not become a bushcare volunteer where you can meet other like-minded people and donate your time and skills back to our community. For more information, visit our bushcare webpage.