Tree Planting Lists

Urban Bushland Areas

Properties vary from plot to street to suburb and when selecting a tree species ideal for your needs you should also consider your site requirements. 

Ryde is home to a number of native vegetation communities - three of which are on the brink of extinction (Blue Gum High Forest, Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest and Coastal Saltmarsh - Estuarine Complex). By selecting the right trees, shrubs and ground covers indigenous to your area, you will be helping to preserve and regenerate our rare and valuable ecological communities.

The tree lists below include native trees endemic to Ryde, a variety of Australian natives, and exotic trees. They are suggestions only and you are advised to seek the input of a professional who will be able to take into account your specific site and requirements. 

If you would like to read more about the native plants of Ryde go to our Native Vegetation page.

Key for Size (tree height range):

  • S - up to 6m
  • M - 7m to 12m
  • L - 12m or more

Natives - Local Endemic Species

Common Name Botanical Name Size Feature/Use
Bangalay Eucalyptus botryoides    Endemic species   
Blackbutt   Eucalyptus pilularis    L Endemic species smooth and woody trunk   
Black Wattle  Callicoma serratifolia    Ideal for drainage lines, attractive leaves   
Blueberry Ash  Elaeocarpus reticulatus  Delicate leaves, feature flowers 
Broad-leaf Ironbark  Eucaplyptus fibrosa  Habitat for birds, mammals, insects 
Cheese Tree  Glochidion ferdinandi  M Fruit pumpkin shaped, food source for birds 
Coachwood  Ceratopetalum apetalum  Day roost habitat for powerful owl 
Coast Banksia  Banksia integrifolia  Bird attracting, food source for birds 
Dwarf Apple  Angophora hispida  Showy flowers, bird attracting 
Forest Red Gum  Eucalyptus tereticornis  Good for nectar eating fauna / habitat 
Forest She Oak  Allocasuarina torulosa  Soft foliage, feature bark 
Grey Gum  Eucalyptus punctata  Specimen, feature bark 
Grey Ironbark  Eucalyptus paniculata  Showy, bird attracting 
Lightwood  Acacia implexa  Good for nectar eating fauna 
Narrow-leaved Apple  Angophora bakeri Endemic species, interesting form, showy flowers 
NSW Christmas Bush  Ceratopetalum gummiferum  Good for nectar eating fauna, fruit for birds 
Old Man Banksia  Banksia serrata  Gnarly trunk, bird attracting 
Red Bloodwood    Corymbia gummifera     Good for nectar eating fauna / habitat
Red Mahogany   Eucalyptus resinifera    Canopy tree   
Rough-barked Apple  Angophora floribuna  Showy flowers 
Scribbly Gum  Eucalyptus haemastoma  Specimen, smooth pale trunk with scribbles 
Sickle Wattle  Acacia falcata  Good soil stabiliser 
Smooth- Barked Apple Angophora costata L Smooth pink trunk, showy flowers
Spotted Gum  Corymbia maculata  Specimen, interesting very straight 'spotted' trunk 
Sweet Pittosporum  Pittosporum undulatum  Fire retarding, screen 
Sydney Blue Gum   Eucalyptus saligna    Endemic species with smooth and woody trunk   
Sydney Peppermint  Eucalyptus piperita  Good for nectar eating fauna / habitat 
Thin-leaf Stringybark  Eucalyptus eugenioides  Good for nectar eating fauna  
Turpentine Syncarpia glomulifera L UFO shaped fruit
Water Gum  Tristaniopsis laurina  Screening, hardy endemic 
White Feather Honey Myrtle  Melaleuca decora  Tolerates wetter ground 
White Mahogany    Ecualyptus acmenoides    Good for nectar eating fauna, greater Glider habitat 
White Stringybark    Eucalyptus globoidea    Bark often has a criss-crossed appearance towards the base of the tree 
Willow Bottlebrush  Callistemon salignus  Good tree in damp location 
Woody Pear    Xylomelum pyriforme Decorative flowers and fruit 
Yellow Pittosporum Pittosporum revolutum S Highly showy flowers

Natives (Australia Wide) 

Common Name Botanical Name Size Feature/Use
Australian Red Cedar Toona ciliata M Excellent shade tree, deciduous
Brown Beech Cryptocarya glaucescens Scented, leathery foliage
Brush Box   Lophostemon confertus Drought tolerant, hardy 
Cabbage Palm  Livistonia australis  Grows best in damp sheltered areas 
Coast Myall  Acacia binervia  Grey foliage, yellow flowers 
Cook Pine  Araucaria columnaris  Curvature of the trunk 
Eumundi Quandong  Elaeocarpus eumundi  Feature leaves 
Grey Myrtle  Backhousia myrtifolia  Small rainforest margin tree 
Guioa  Guioa semiglauca  Rainforest tree  
Hoop Pine  Araucaria cunninghamiana Rough bark in horizontal bands 
Illawarra Flame Tree  Brachychiton acerifolius  Attractive crimson flowers, deciduous 
Ivory Curl Tree  Buckinghamia celsissima  Shade, flowers 
Kauri Pine  Agathis robusta   Smooth, scaly bark 
Kurrajong  Brachychiton populneus  Attractive lobed leaves, drought tolerant 
Lemon-scented Myrtle   Backhousia citriodora    Scented leaves, bush food, screening, shade 
Native Fangipani  Hymenosporum flavum  Highly scented flowers 
Norfolk Island Pine  Araucaria heterophylla  Salt and wind tolerant 
Pink Flowered Ironbark  Eucalyptus sideroxylon 'Rosea'  Specimen showy pink flowers, bird attracting 
Port Jackson Fig  Ficus rubiginosa  Bird attracting, shade tree 
Prickly Paperbark  Melaleuca styphelioides  Pollution tolerant 
Queensland Firewheel Stenocarpus sinuatus   Red flowers in circular formation 
Red Bloodwood  Corymbia gummifera  Specimen, red tessellated bark 
Red Flowering Gum  Corymbia ficifolia  Specimen, showy flowers 
Small Leaved Lilly Pilly  Syzigium leuhmannii  Pink new growth, edible fruit 
Snow In Summer  Melaleuca linarifolia  Creamy white flowers 
Spotted Gum  Corymbia maculata  Specimen, interesting very straight 'spotted' trunk 
Swamp Mahogany  Eucalyptus robusta  Spongy bark 
Tree Waratah  Alloxylon flammeum  Bright red inflorescence 
Tuckeroo  Cupaniopsis anarcardiodes  Bird attracting 
Tulipwood  Harpullia pendula  Fast growing, red seed pods 
Water Gum  Tristaniopsis laurina  S Screening, hardy
Weeping Bottle Brush  Callistemon viminalis  Showy flowers, native animals 
Weeping Lilly Pilly  Waterhousea floribunda  Wavy edged foliage 
Weeping Paperbark  Melaleuca leucadendra  Tolerates damp locations 
White Feather Honey Myrtle  Melaleuca decora  Tolerates wetter ground 
Willow Peppermint  Agonis flexuosa  Weeping habit, white flowers 
Yellow Bloodwood  Corymbia eximia  Specimen, yellow tessellated bark  
Yellow Pittosporum  Pittosporum revolutum  Highly showy white flowers 

Exotic (non-native) Trees

These exotics provide foliage and colour.

Common Name Botanical Name Size Feature/Use Habit 
Bay Laurel   Lauris nobilis     Leaves used in cooking    Evergreen   
Bull Bay Magnolia    Magnolia grandiflora    S Large striking specimen    Evergreen 
Cape Chestnut    Calodendrum capense    S   Showy flowers    Deciduous   
Chinese Elm   Ulmus parvifolia    S Shade, weeping foliage    Deciduous   
Chinese Pistachio    Pistacia chinensis    S   Autumn colour    Deciduous   
Claret Ash  Fraxinus angustifolia 'Raywood'    M   Beautiful Autumn foliage  Deciduous 
Cork Oak  Quercus suber  Slow growing, bark used for wine corks  Evergreen 
Crabapple    Malus floribunda  Spring flowering  Deciduous 
Cut-leaf Oriental Plane  Platanus orientalis var digitala  Large striking specimen  Deciduous 
Dawn Redwood  Metasequoia glyptostroboides  Bright green foliage turning reddish brown in Autumn  Deciduous 
Deodora Cedar  Cedrus deodara  Blue green, needle like foliage  Evergreen 
Evergreen Ash  Fraxinus griffithii  Decorative white flowers in Spring  Evergreen 
Evergreen Oak  Quercus ilex  M Leaves resemble holly  Evergreen 
Golden Ash    Fraxinus excelsior 'Aurea'    S    Autumn colour, shade    Deciduous 
Golden Elm  Ulmus glabra 'Lutescens'  Foliage feature  Deciduous 
Leopard  Caesalpinia ferrea  Feature bark  Deciduous 
Maidenhair Tree    Ginkgo biloba    'Living fossil', leaf shape    Deciduous 
Manchurian Pear    Pyrus sp.  Autumn colour, blossoms    Deciduous 
Maple Acer platanoides 'Crimson Sentry' S Purple foliage Deciduous 
Peppercorn Schinus areira  Pink fruit  Deciduous 
Pepper/Peppercorn Tree  Schinus molle    S     Scented foliage, weeping habit    Deciduous 
Pin Oak  Quercus palustris  Autumn colour  Deciduous 
Red Maple  Acer rubrum 'October Glory'  Adaptable, brilliant red autumn colour  Deciduous 
Silver Birch  Betula pendula  White trunk, pendulous branches Deciduous 
Strawberry Tree Arbutus unedo S White flowers, red strawberry shaped fruit Evergreen 
Tulip Tree  Liriodendron tulipifera  Fragrant greenish, yellow flowers, late Spring  Deciduous 
Tupelo  Nyssa sylvatica  Autumn leaf colour contrast with dark bark  Deciduous 
White Ash  Fraxinus americana  Yellow, orange and bronze autumn colour  Deciduous 
Zelkova Zelkova serrata 'Mushashino' M Vase shaped, upright Deciduous 

More Information

If you would like to find out if your property is within an Endangered Ecological Community contact Council's Customer Service on 9952 8222.