Be fantastic. Cut single-use plastic!

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What are single-use plastics?

Single-use plastics are disposable items that are typically used once for a few minutes before being thrown away, such as bags, bottles, straws, disposable cup, and containers.

Why is it a problem?

Single-use plastic, not so fantastic flyer

Single-use plastics are polluting our waterways, parks and bush lands as well as landfill.

It is estimated that every year at least 8 million tonnes of plastic flows into the ocean from rivers, lakes and stormwater runoff. This is equivalent to emptying one garbage truck of rubbish into the ocean every minute. At least 80% of this plastic pollution comes from land-based sources flowing through drains and into local waterways and oceans via stormwater runoff. Below is a non-exhaustive list of problems directly related to single-use plastic.

  • Increases cleanup costs to ratepayers
  • Huge carbon footprint
  • Impacts our local wildlife
  • Made from non-renewable resources—oil
  • Pollutes our recreational areas and waterways, and damages the environment
  • Does not decompose for hundreds of years

Council’s commitment and efforts

City of Ryde Council has taken significant steps to address the impacts of single-plastics through the introduction of the Reduce Single-Use Plastic(PDF, 98KB) policy on 30 April 2019. City of Ryde is also one of the first Councils in Australia to adopt a Zero Litter to Waterways target by 2030.

Council demonstrates leadership to improve and protect the health of our waterways and environment by banning common types of unnecessary, avoidable or replaceable single-use plastic items from Council’s operational activities and Council-sponsored events.

Illustration of banned items  

Common types of single-use plastics, and the items of focus in the Reduce Single-Use Plastics policy and our engagement with the community, include:

  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic bottles
  • Straws and
  • Stirrers
  • Disposable containers
  • Disposable cups and lids
  • Plates
  • Cutlery
  • Balloons

Council is now looking to provide assistance and empower the Ryde community, businesses, schools and residents to reduce their single-use plastics footprint through the Be fantastic. Cut single-use plastic! Education Program.

What you can do

You can make a difference whether as part of a business or as a member of the community. We've created toolkits to help you get started on your journey so take a look at the ideas on offer. Don't forget to take a pledge to cut single-use plastic from your life and remember to tell your friends about it too! 

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Events on Sustainability

Discover ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices in your business and daily lives at our events.

Council also runs a variety of practical workshops, informative talks and educational tours from workshops on food preservation through to tours of the Visy Materials Recycling Facility at Smithfield.

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