Monash Road Upgrade between Higginbotham Rd and Kim St, Gladesville

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Last year, the City of Ryde consulted with residents on the proposal to construct kerb and gutter on the eastern side of Monash Road between Higginbotham Road and Kim Street.

The proposed works were to improve street drainage and geometric alignment of the road and to prevent erosion and direct stormwater runoff from the road surface into the existing drainage system.

In response to feedback from the community consultation and from an onsite meeting held with the residents in December 2019, Council deferred the proposal to further investigate two alternative design options. 


Note: The drawings below are not the concept designs but are for explanatory purposes only.

Option 1 (original proposed option)
Council’s original scope of works, including construction of kerb and gutter on the eastern side of the road which is to conclude at the newly constructed kerb inlet pit

Option 2 (alternative option A)
To incorporate the proposed work under option 1, adding road widening on the western side of the road between #84 Monash Road to #88 Monash Road.
Option 3 (alternative option B)
An extension to the original scope of works in which the kerb and gutter is extended further north along Monash Road to the intersection of Kim Street. 

  • Option 1 (original proposed option) – This option was found to be feasible
  • Option 2 (alternative option A) – This option was found to be feasible
  • Option 3 (alternative option B) – Following investigation, it was found that the extension of these works would require a large retaining wall due to the existing topography. This retaining wall would require the removal of the existing driveway, trees and vegetation and due to the change in gradient would affect vehicular access to one of the properties on Monash Road. This option is not feasible as road access cannot be achieved to all properties, therefore this design cannot be considered.

Council is now seeking your feedback on the two design options that satisfy Council’s objective of road safety and effective stormwater drainage and we would like to hear what your preferred option is.

Option 1 (original proposed option) includes the following works (see concept plan on the right hand menu)

  • Construction of kerb and gutter on the eastern side of Monash Road, between Higginbotham Road and #85 Monash Road 
  • Reconstruction of stormwater drainage pit to suit new kerb alignment
  • Reconstruction of affected driveways to suit new kerb alignment
  • Resurfacing of the road surface between Higginbotham Road and Kim Street
  • Line marking as shown on the enclosed map

Option 2 (alternative option A) incorporates the works under option 1 and includes the following additional works (see concept plan on the right hand menu)

  • Local road widening on the north-western side of the road, between #84 Monash to #88 Monash Road to allow safe access for two-way traffic
  • Removal of a tree located in front of #86 Monash Road
  • Reconstruction of road pavement on the widened section of the road


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