City of Ryde Libraries offers a large range of items for our community to browse through at all five of our branches.

Borrowing is free with a City of Ryde Libraries membership. If you wish to join up, please visit our Library Membership page.

For online resources and services, please visit our Online Library page.


City of Ryde Libraries hold books in both fiction and non-fiction format. Fiction titles are separated into adult, youth and junior fiction. Our collection also includes the following special sub-category that are available at each City of Ryde Library:

Large Print

For those who prefer to read books in larger font, there is a large print collection. Both fiction and non-fiction large print books are interfiled together.

Collections Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals
Books  3 weeks None (as long as total borrowed items is 35 or less)  2 renewals 

Higher School Certificate

To help with the HSC students of our community, we hold a specialised collection of HSC-related books that includes study guides, reference guides for prescribed texts, as well as past papers.

Collection Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals
HSC  1 week  8 No renewals

For a list of online resources available to young people and HSC students, please visit our Online Resources – Youth page.

Fast Read

We offer special 7-day loans for certain new and popular titles. They can be identified by the green Fast Reads sticker on the front cover.

Collection Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals
Fast Reads  1 week 3 No renewals

Only available at Gladesville, Ryde and West Ryde branches.

Read Now

Read Now are popular titles with multiple copies to fulfil high demands. Read Now are available at all City of Ryde Libraries branch.

Collection Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals

Read Now

3 weeks

None(as long as total borrowed items is 35 or less)

2 renewals

Graphic Novels and Magazines

Discover the world of comics and manga with our graphic novel collection, available at City of Ryde Libraries in adult, youth and junior levels. The standard loan period of 3 weeks apply to all graphic novels.

Titles include:

  • Marvel and DC comics
  • Independently published comics
  • Popular Shonen Jump mangas
Collection Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals
Graphic Novels  3 weeks None (as long as total borrowed items is 35 or less)   2 renewals

Enjoy our ever-growing collection of magazine titles, ranging from cooking and gardening to lifestyle and lifelong learning. Magazines are available in adult, youth and junior collections.


  • Can only be borrowed for 1 week
  • Selections are dependent on library branch, as some titles are only available at certain libraries
  • Back issues at kept for at least 1 year and up to 3 years, depending on the specific magazine title
Collection Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals
Magazines, Youth Magazines 1 week None (as long as total borrowed items is 35 or less) 2 renewals 
Kids Magazines  3 weeks  None (as long as total borrowed items is 35 or less)  2 renewals 

Search our catalogue to see if we hold a specific issue or title.

City of Ryde Libraries have a subscription service to digital copies of Choice Magazine that library members can use. For more information, please contact us on 9952 8352 or email us at

Learning English

Our comprehensive Learning English collection provides resources for those who are learning English as their second language. It is available in both print and audio-visual formats. Learning English collections are available at all City of Ryde Libraries, with each collection including material for:

  • Listening, reading and writing
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Pronunciation
Collection Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals
Learning English  3 weeks None (as long as total borrowed items is 35 or less)   2 renewals

The collection is arranged by grade, symbolised by colour:

  • Readers – easy reading titles with accompanying CD
  • Beginner – bronze
  • Intermediate – silver
  • Advanced – gold

Languages other than English (LOTE)

Chinese, Korean and Tamil

City of Ryde Libraries provide collections in Chinese, Korean and Tamil for adults and children, including books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. Chinese and Korean collections are available at all City of Ryde Libraries, with Tamil available only at West Ryde Library.

Collection Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals
Languages other than English (LOTE)  3 weeks  8 2 renewals

Other Languages

A collection of books in Languages other than English (LOTE) can be borrowed by City of Ryde Libraries from the State Library of New South Wales.

The collection includes:

  • Adult fiction and non-fiction titles
  • Children fiction titles
  • Resources for learning languages other than English

Items are available in book format, with some available as large print and audio-visual format.

Collection size will differ depending on the requested language, with some offering only a limited number of books. City of Ryde Libraries will request boxes of books only in available languages supplied by the State Library of New South Wales and do not include Chinese, Korean or Tamil items as they are already on offer through City of Ryde Libraries. 

LOTE collections are on loan to City of Ryde Libraries only for a period of three months.

Legal Information

City of Ryde Libraries is part of the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC) network which provides access to information about the law for all members of the community. The Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC) is an initiative of the State Library of New South Wales and the Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales.


Find Legal Answers

Find Legal Answers provides access to current information about the law in NSW. It also lists useful resources (that are organised by topic) that are available online and in print, as well as a plain language series called Hot Topics that talks about recent changes and current debates in the law. They also have the Find Legal Answers Tool Kit, a collection of plain language books answering everyday questions about the law available online or in your local public library.

Legal Aid NSW

Legal Aid NSW is a state-wide organisation providing legal services to socially and economically disadvantaged people across NSW in most areas of criminal, family, and civil law. They also upload legal podcasts for the community that covers a range of topics.

Law Week

Law Week is a nationwide initiative to promote community awareness and understanding of the law, the legal system, and the legal profession. It is held annually in May, with City of Ryde Libraries often hosting legal talks and presentations.

Legal issues during COVID-19

Drug Information

Free information about drugs, alcohol and the law for the community of NSW, including factsheets and legal issues. Information is available for young people, older people, families and the broader community.

City of Ryde Libraries also holds a specific collection for Drug Info that is available to borrow from Ryde Library.

Toy Library

We offer a large variety of loanable toys from our Toy Library, located at North Ryde Library. Toys in our collection are selected for those of developmental ages between 0 - 7 years, but most can be used by borrowers of all ages and abilities.

Toys can only be borrowed from and returned to North Ryde Library during branch opening hours.

Collection Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals
Toys  3 weeks 3 1 renewals

For more information, please visit our Toy Library page.

Science Kits

City of Ryde Libraries offers educational Science Kits that can be borrowed at all our branches. Learn about the world around us with microscopes and simple machines, and find out fun facts about dinosaur, mini beasts and much more.

Science Kits are able to be borrowed by customers who are over 7 years old, and can only be returned to the library from where they were borrowed. They must be returned during branch opening hours.

Collection  Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals
Science Kits 3 weeks 3 1 renewal

For more information, please visit our Science Kits page.

Book Club Kits

We supply Book Club Kits for local book club groups in the community through our Community Book Club collection.

Browse through a large variety of popular and classic book title sets, with each set containing 10 copies of the title and discussion guides. Certain Book Club Kits may also contain an audiobook or large print version of the title.

Collection Loan Period Loan Limit Renewals
Book Club Kits  6 weeks Conditional

For more information, please visit our Community Book Club page.


City of Ryde Libraries offers copies of the following newspapers to be freely accessed by the community at all our libraries. Newspapers cannot be borrowed and must be read inside the library:

  • Australian Chinese Daily, The
  • Australian Financial Review, The
  • Sydney Morning Herald (including Sun Herald)
  • (Local) Northern District Times
  • (Local) The Weekly Times

As of November 2021.

Past copies of specific newspapers are also available in various formats. Microfilms can only be viewed at Ryde Library, located in Top Ryde Shopping Centre.

Sydney Morning Herald

  • 18 April 1831 – 9 January 1901 (on microfilm)
  • 1 January 1975 – present (on microfilm)

Northern District Times

  • 6 June 1956 - 25 October 1978 (on microfilm)
  • 10 January 1990 – present (on microfilm)

The Weekly Times

  • 6 January 1960 - 19 December 1990 (on microfilm)

    Cumberland Argus

  • 22 September 1888 - 26 December 1935 (on microfilm)

    The Leader

  • 28 October 1958 - 18 December 1963 (on microfilm)