City of Ryde Inspection Program

City of Ryde Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) are authorised officers under the Public Health Act and Local Government Act.

Inspections are performed at least annually of hair and beauty salons, with a focus on businesses performing skin penetration procedures to ensure that appropriate hygiene standards are being maintained.

During inspection EHOs will perform an assessment using a standardised checklist, developed in accordance with the relevant legislation and Australian Standards.

Download the Health Premises Inspection Report Form(PDF, 579KB)

The checklist enables the officer to highlight non-compliances that have been identified during an inspection and is also a useful tool for businesses to conduct a self-assessment to better understand their inspection outcome or improve their inspection result.

Key aspects of the assessment include:

  • the cleanliness of the premises
  • the fit out and construction of the premises
  • the provision of facilities/equipment for cleaning, sterilising, and hand washing; storage facilities
  • adequate waste storage and disposal; sharps and contaminated waste
  • skin penetration procedures
  • cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising of equipment;
  • sterilisation records (if applicable).

If you have any questions about the inspection program, please contact our Environmental Health team on 9952 8222.