Sport, Recreation and Leisure Working Group

Applications for the Sport, Recreation and Leisure Working Group are now closed.

The primary role of the Sport, Recreation and Leisure Working Group is to advise Council on all matters relating to cycling, sport, and recreation in the City of Ryde.

Composition of Committee

  • All Councillors are eligible to attend and participate in each City of Ryde Working Group, without formal membership, in accordance with their Terms of Reference
  • Fifteen (15) community representatives

Community Membership of the Sport, Recreation and Leisure Working Group comprises:

  • Two (2) representatives of Bike North
  • One (1) alternate Bike North delegate
  • One (1) representative from Connect Macquarie Park
  • One (1) representative of Macquarie University
  • One (1) representative from a major employer in the Macquarie Park area
  • One (1) representative from each sporting code that use the facilities and/or are located within the City of Ryde
  • Two (2) Residents that have an interest in working with Council on the development of recreation facilities in the City of Ryde.

Substitute delegates may attend the Sport, Recreation and Leisure Working Group meeting on behalf of a representative organisation. 

Selection Criteria

Nominations will be assessed by Council against the following criteria:

  • Diverse representation
  • Demonstrated commitment to sport, recreation & cycling in the City of Ryde.
  • Understanding of the issues facing the sport, recreation and cycling community of the City of Ryde, including facilities management and transport issues.
Meeting Structure

All Working Group meetings will be “hybrid” meetings with attendance either in person or via remote audio-visual attendance permitted.

If you would like to discuss your interest, please contact Customer Service on (02) 9952 8222 during business hours or email Council at

Past Agendas and Minutes

Past Agendas and Minutes | Bicycle Advisory Committee

Agendas Minutes
15 November 2021(PDF, 135KB)  
30 August 2021(PDF, 133KB) 30 August 2021(PDF, 166KB)
31 May 2021 31 May 2021(PDF, 167KB)
22 March 2021 22 March 2021(PDF, 217KB)
23 November 2020(PDF, 136KB) 23 November 2020(PDF, 168KB)
9 March 2020(PDF, 159KB)  
25 November 2019(PDF, 162KB) 25 November 2019(PDF, 200KB)
19 August 2019(PDF, 159KB) 19 August 2019(PDF, 201KB)  
20 May 2019(PDF, 157KB) 20 May 2019(PDF, 191KB)
11 March 2019(PDF, 160KB) 11 March 2019(PDF, 208KB) 
19 November 2018(PDF, 159KB) 19 November 2018
20 August 2018(PDF, 161KB) 20 August 2018(PDF, 190KB)
21 May 2018(PDF, 160KB) 21 May 2018(PDF, 204KB)
12 March 2018(PDF, 159KB) 12 March 2018(PDF, 187KB)
7 Aug 2017(PDF, 163KB)    7 Aug 2017(PDF, 178KB)
5 Jun 2017(PDF, 43KB) 5 Jun 2017(PDF, 195KB)
10 Apr 2017 10 Apr 2017(PDF, 47KB)
6 Feb 2017(PDF, 147KB) 6 Feb 2017(PDF, 130KB)
05 Dec 2016(PDF, 118KB)   05 Dec 2016(PDF, 48KB)  
31 Oct 2016(PDF, 147KB)
31 Oct 2016(PDF, 50KB)
29 Aug 2016(PDF, 118KB)   29 Aug 2016(PDF, 52KB)  
20 Jun 2016(PDF, 194KB) 20 Jun 2016(PDF, 46KB)  
11 Apr 2016(PDF, 146KB) 11 Apr 2016(PDF, 81KB)
1 Feb 2016(PDF, 147KB) 1 Feb 2016(PDF, 64KB)
7 Dec 2015(PDF, 149KB) 7 Dec 2015(PDF, 249KB)
12 Oct 2015(PDF, 148KB) 12 Oct 2015(PDF, 66KB)
31 Aug 2015(PDF, 183KB) 31 Aug 2015(PDF, 311KB)
15 Jun 2015(PDF, 178KB) 15 Jun 2015(PDF, 311KB)
13 Apr 2015(PDF, 179KB) 13 Apr 2015(PDF, 252KB)
2 Mar 2015(PDF, 180KB) 2 Mar 2015(PDF, 199KB)