Off Road Cycle Paths

Map references have been provided for the location of the off-road cycle tracks. Please refer to the City of Ryde Bike Map.

Parramatta Valley Cycleway (Map Ref: C14 to R19)

Major east-west route has several sections of off road path:

  • Foreshore path and park loop in Meadowbank Park
  • Foreshore path at Shepherds Bay
  • Foreshore path at Waterview St and Kissing Point Park
  • Foreshore path in Morrison Bay Reserve.

Shrimptons Creek Cycleway (Map Ref: L6 to J10)

  • Major north-south route through the centre of the City of Ryde providing pleasant cycling from Denistone East north to the retail, education and employment centre in Macquarie Park.

Browns Waterhole Cycleway (Map Ref: J2)

  • Car-free link out of Ryde crossing the Lane Cove River to the north instead of the using De Burghs Bridge or Pennant Hills Rd. This route has revolutionised north-south cycle travel into Ryde.

Darvall Park Cycleway (Map Ref: E10)

  • Link between Denistone and Eastwood stations and forming part of the north south regional route.

Denistone Park Cycleway (Map Ref: F10)

  • Allows cyclists to avoid a major road travelling to Ryde Hospital from the east.

De Burghs Bridge Underpass (Map Ref: P5)

  • Off-road link between North Ryde and the Lane Cove National Park with a car-free crossing of Lane Cove Rd.

Pembroke Street Link (Map Ref: G4)

  • Travel from Marsfield to Epping across the Terry's Creek Bridge avoiding busy Epping Road.

Trafalgar Link (Map Ref: J3)

  • Link north-south regional route and Macquarie University between Vimiera and Waterloo roads travelling via the Trafalgar shops.

Epping Road Path (Map Ref: N8 to W13)

  • Major path leading from North Ryde across the Lane Cove River and a further 6km eastwards to Naremburn.

Waterloo, Culloden and Talavera Roads (Map Ref: J3 to P6)

  • Off-road path beside these three roads gives a car-free option right across the top edge of the Macquarie Park business area.