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West Ryde Town Centre Masterplan

Consultation closed on 22 January 2021

Council is preparing a Masterplan for the West Ryde Town Centre. This is in response to Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS); and will build on the draft West Ryde Town Centre Revitalisation Strategy (draft strategy). 

The draft Strategy presented ideas for future investigation to revitalise the town centre with the vision to:

“Rejuvenate West Ryde Town Centre into a distinctive, vibrant and attractive ‘Local Centre’. The future Town Centre will continue to be a go-to place for people’s daily needs and provide local employment opportunities but will also allow the community to connect with each other and provide pleasant places for people of different ages to meet, stay and connect.”

Council has also identified the need to investigate ‘smart city’ initiatives to support the revitalisation of the West Ryde Town Centre, and make it fit for the future.

The West Ryde Town Centre Masterplan will investigate the ideas from the draft Strategy and consider the land use and urban design changes that may need to be made to the planning controls to deliver this vision.

Council has engaged the consultant teams of SGS Planning and Economics, SJB, and Cred Consulting to prepare the Masterplan in close collaboration with Council and the community. The team recognises the importance of delivering meaningful community engagement to inform this project and will be asking for your say across the key stages of the project. 

What is a masterplan?

A Masterplan is a high-level, long-term planning document that sets out objectives and principles to guide future growth and development. It provides a conceptual layout that determines the land uses, physical and visual connections, development scale, public and private spaces and their physical relationship. It also defines the desired future character for different parts of the study area and provides direction on how its character can be maintained, improved and enhanced.  

WHY do we need MASTERPLAN?

West Ryde is one of five existing Town Centres within the City of Ryde. The LSPS has a vision to deliver a city with diverse and vibrant centres, with West Ryde being well placed to serve the local community in the long term, provided there is continued investment in upgrades and renewal.

As outlined in the LSPS, West Ryde has lagged behind other centres during a period of strong growth across the City of Ryde. There is also some visible evidence of economic stress such as vacant sites, poor building maintenance, lack of retail activity and blank façades. The Masterplan process will investigate ways to improve the function, look and feel of West Ryde, and allow Council to proactively plan for a vibrant and prosperous future for the town centre.

The Masterplan aims to:

  • Establish a clear vision based on place-specific design principles from the West Ryde Town Centre Revitalisation Strategy.
  • Establish a land use and built form model that is feasible in the development market to enable renewal and revitalisation.
  • Guide continued maintenance and renewal of the public domain and local infrastructure.

What is the west ryde town centre?

The West Ryde Town Centre Masterplan will take into consideration not only the town centre core but also its surrounding area. This includes both sides of the railway station, with the boundary shown using the red line in the map above.  

West Ryde Town Centre Masterplan PROJECT TIMELINE

Latest Updates

Stage 1 Community Consultation Update

Published on 10 March 2021

Stage 1 of the West Ryde Town Centre Masterplan took place from 25 November 2020 to 22 January 2021. 

Throughout the consultation, over 130 local residents, businesses and community members completed the online survey and over 200 comments were made on the interactive online map. This feedback is now being used to help inform the draft Masterplan options for West Ryde Town Centre which Council is currently preparing.

What You Told Us

In the feedback Council received, the community identified the following key ideas as being important for the preparation of the West Ryde Town Centre Masterplan:

  • Improve pedestrian and cycle connections
  • Provide more public space to promote social and cultural events and opportunities
  • Provide more trees and improve connections to surrounding open space
  • Create activated laneways and preserving the heritage and fine-grain character
  • Improve traffic, transport, and parking
  • Provide diversity in housing options and built form 

Next Steps 

Council is now in the process of developing the draft Masterplan options for the West Ryde Town Centre. The draft Masterplan options will take into consideration Stage 1 community feedback, traffic and transport movements, infrastructure, and other planning matters (such as economic feasibility) which all influence renewal opportunities in West Ryde.

In the coming months, Council will be presenting the draft Masterplan options through Stage 2 community consultation where customers will have the opportunity to provide their  feedback through a number of engagement methods. 

Have Your Say has now closed

Published on 18 January 2021

Have Your Say on the West Ryde Town Centre Masterplan has now closed.

Have Your Say is now open

Published on 25 November 2020

Have Your Say for West Ryde Town Centre Masterplan is open until Friday 22 January 2021.


Have Your Say

We want to know more about your current experience in West Ryde Town Centre to help us build on what we previously heard the community say about West Ryde. This will help us further understand the key issues and opportunities within the town centre, and help us prepare masterplan options that respond to your needs.  

You can Have Your Say on the West Ryde Town Centre Masterplan in a number of ways including the interactive map below or by taking the short picture-based survey. 

Provide Feedback via the Interactive Map

Use the interactive map here to tell us what your favourite places in West Ryde Town Centre and places that you want to change/improve. Submissions will be received up until Friday 22 January 2021.

Online Survey

Take the short picture-based survey to tell us which of these best represent what you want in West Ryde in the future. Please click here to complete the online survey.

If you are unable to fill in this survey online or don’t have access, please contact Customer Service on 9952 8222. Survey responses will be received up until Friday 22 January 2021.

Privacy Statement

Personal information collected from you (including responses to forms and surveys) is held and used by Council under the provisions of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. The supply of information is voluntary, however if you cannot provide, or do not wish to provide the information sought, Council may be unable to process your application or request, or consider your submission. Please note that the exchange of information between the public and Council, may be accessed by others and could be made publicly available under the Government Information Public Access Act 2009 (GIPA Act). If you require further information please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9952 8222.

What We Have Heard From You

The Masterplan will further build on what you have already told us about West Ryde as part of the LSPS and draft Strategy preparation. The ideas, aspirations, and concerns shared by the community is very much the starting point for this project.

We previously heard that you want:

To Preserve Heritage and Fine Character

  • Protecting the fine grain character of the area, preserving heritage buildings and encouraging the adaptive reuse of heritage buildings to provide character and interest.

More Things to Do

  • New activities such as markets, an ‘Eat Street’ for food and gathering, large and small community spaces, and informal community activities such as a little community library to share books.

Improved Traffic and Parking Conditions

  • Additional car parking at West Ryde station, Miriam Park, and in and around the town centre.
  • Improvements to the timing of traffic lights and changes to timed parking.
  • Retaining the traffic lights at Adelaide Street, and removing the idea to relocate the lights to the Bellevue Avenue/Riverview Street intersection (which was proposed in the draft Strategy) in response to community feedback.  

Better Walking and Cycling Infrastructure

  • Improved active transport infrastructure including pedestrian overpasses at key junctions.
  • Active transport links including a dedicated shared path between West Ryde and Meadowbank ferry wharf.
  • Improving safety in the town centre by widening footpaths, creating safe walking links to schools and community infrastructure and open spaces.
  • Improving passive surveillance by providing appropriate lighting and fostering neighbourhood watch within school areas.

Improved and Green Public Domain

  • More trees, landscaping, and improved sustainability.
  • Celebrate and protect existing natural elements.
  • Improved and increased number of parks and public spaces
  • Good design and maintenance of public space.
  • Improved and additional street furniture.
  • Improved comfort in public spaces.

Provide more Medium Density Housing

  • Support for shop-top housing along Victoria Road.
  • Preference for medium density housing over high density housing. 

Background Information

Provide Feedback

Contact Us

If you require more information about the West Ryde Town Centre Masterplan please call Customer Service on 9952 8222, email or you may ring the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 to ask an interpreter to contact Council for you.

Last updated on 19 April 2021