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1. Overview

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Please note: As of 1 December 2021, a reference to an Environment Protection zone E1, E2, E3 or E4 in a document should be taken to be a reference to a Conservation zone C1, C2, C3 or C4. Only C1 and C2 (formerly E1 and E2) are applicable to the City of Ryde Local Government Area. For further information please see Standard Instrument (Local Environmental Plans) Amendment (Land Use Zones) Order 2021

2. Introduction: developing Planning Ryde

Council’s starting point for developing Planning Ryde was to bring together existing relevant adopted studies, plans and policies (including the Community Strategic Plan) into a focused, place-based approach to land use planning over the next 20 years. This includes reflecting outcomes of previous consultation on these existing plans. 

The priorities and actions detailed in Planning Ryde builds on these plans as well as on the Greater Sydney Commission’s A Metropolis of Three Cities and the North District Plan

Download Part 1, Planning Ryde - Introduction(PDF, 4MB), which has more information about the methodology used to develop the document.

You can also click here to view the plan and strategies that informed Planning Ryde

3. Our 20-year vision for the City of Ryde

The City of Ryde will be a liveable, prosperous and connected city, that provides for our future needs while protecting nature and our history.

As a city with diverse and vibrant centres, our neighbourhoods will reflect and serve our residents and business. Our well-planned places will enhance the health, wellbeing and resilience of our future community. They will also foster innovation, equity, inclusion and resilience.

This overarching, 20-year vision for land use planning in the City of Ryde is supported by additional vision statements in each part of Planning Ryde to guide planning on specific issues and areas.

In planning for the future, Council has considered what infrastructure, facilities and services may be required to support growth. Part 1 of Planning Ryde also includes Future Structure Plans which outline Council’s investigation of future open space, transport, community facilities and environmental opportunities.

4. Infrastructure and Collaboration

Part 2 of Planning Ryde looks at housing growth and its relationship to infrastructure, including transport.

Council’s guiding vision statements in these areas include:

Housing Growth

A range of housing options in areas appropriately serviced by infrastructure will be provided, while preserving unique local character.


The infrastructure needs of the City of Ryde community will continue to be met as the area grows and develops. The provision of new infrastructure will match the pace of development and growth, and deliver the same or a better experience for the community. Infrastructure provided by the State Government will be planned and provided in a timely and constructive way in collaboration with Council and the community.     


Transport links between town centres and other destinations – including open space, residential areas, schools and Macquarie University – will be improved with a focus on active and public transport.

Download Part 2, Planning Ryde - Vision(PDF, 1MB) to read about the targets, planning priorities and actions Council will implement to achieve outcomes. 

5. Liveability

Part 3 of Planning Ryde considers how Council can deliver a city in which our community wants to – and is able to – live, work and play, while maintain the aspects of our local character and community that we most value.

Specific areas covered by Part 3 of Planning Ryde and, related guiding vision statements, include: 

Housing supply, affordability, diversity and amenity

The housing needs and expectations of the City of Ryde community will be met through the provision of a range of housing types including affordable housing.

Key Centres 

The City of Ryde’s five centres – Ryde, Eastwood, West Ryde, Gladesville and Shepherds Bay – will be compact, sustainable, mixed centres servicing their local neighbourhoods. Each will have a distinct identity drawn from its history and community. These centres will be accessible and connected.


Heritage and places of cultural significance that are valued by the community – including historic buildings, landscape items and places with natural and Aboriginal significance – will be well managed, conserved and positively promoted to enhance the community’s sense of place.

Culture and wellbeing

Social and cultural infrastructure (including libraries, community services and events) will be strategically located to ensure all community members can enjoy them.

Design excellence

All development activity in the City of Ryde will showcase design excellence, contributing positively to the natural, cultural, visual and architectural character of the City.

Download Part 3, Planning Ryde - Liveability(PDF, 8MB), to view the plan and strategies that informed Planning Ryde

6. Productivity

We want more people to have the option to live and work in the City of Ryde. To make this happen, Council will encourage new investment, local jobs and business opportunities.

Specific areas covered by Part 4 of Planning Ryde and, related guiding vision statements, include: 

The economy and jobs

Ensure the Ryde LGA will be well-designed and planned to encourage new investment, local jobs and business opportunities in an environment of innovation, progression and economic growth. This approach will give more people the option to live and work in the Ryde LGA.

Macquarie Park

Macquarie Park will mature into a premium location for globally competitive business fostering collaboration between university, government, business and research institutes. It will become a vibrant, accessible CBD that balances work, recreation and entertainment. Macquarie Park will be characterised by a high-quality, well-designed, safe and liveable environment that reflects the natural setting, with three accessible and vibrant train station areas providing focal points. Housing will be focused in the Urban Activation Precincts (North Ryde Station Precinct and Macquarie University Station Precinct) providing opportunities for people to live and work in the area with supporting services and events that will bring vibrancy to the area beyond office hours.

Download Part 4, Planning Ryde - Productivity(PDF, 2MB), to view the plan and strategies that informed Planning Ryde

7. Sustainability

Part 5 of Planning Ryde looks at how the City of Ryde’s growth can continue to protect the wellbeing of our residents and physical environment. 

Specific areas covered by Part 5 of Planning Ryde and related guiding vision statements, include: 

Open space and active recreation

The City of Ryde’s open space and recreation facilities will be protected, increased and enhanced to ensure residents of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can benefit.


The City of Ryde’s collective ecological footprint will be reduced in ways that contribute to the liveability of the community. This will be supported by well-planned infrastructure that is responsive to future needs of residents and our natural environment, and provides equitable access to the means to reduce our individual and collective ecological footprint.


The City of Ryde and its community will have the capacity to survive, adapt and thrive in the face of acute shocks and chronic stresses. We will take an inclusive ‘one city’ approach based on good governance, engagement and capacity to become a resilient and adaptable local community and region. Every person living and working in the City of Ryde will feel they belong, are valued and supported in navigating our changing local and global environment.

Download Part 5, Planning Ryde - Sustainability(PDF, 1MB), to view the plan and strategies that informed Planning Ryde