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Voluntary Planning Agreements Register

Planning Agreements are a legally binding contract between a planning authority (City of Ryde) and a developer made under Section 93F of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EPA Act).

Planning Agreements generally require a developer to dedicate land free of cost, pay a monetary contribution or provide any other material for public benefit to be used for public infrastructure or another public purpose. 

Clause 25F of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EPA Reg) requires Council to keep a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) Register available free of cost to the public. 

Below is a list of planning agreements with the City of Ryde that are currently: 

On Notification Finalising Executed Operating Concluded Cancelled 

Refer to the table below for a definition of key status terms.  

Status Definition
Notification VPAs on notification are available for Public inspection and comment for at least 28 days before being finalised 
Finalising Finalising VPAs have been publicly notified but are yet to be entered into by the Council (or other Planning Authority as the case maybe) and the Developer  

Executed VPAs have been entered into and signed by General Manager on behalf of Council and the Developer 

Operating Operating VPAs are those where the consent for the associated Development Application has been issued and the VPA is now active and requires the payment of monetary contributions, dedication of land or provision of material public benefits
Concluded All obligations of the Planning Agreements have been met by the developer and the Planning Agreement is considered to be concluded 
Cancelled  Cancelled VPAs are those that have been entered into, but the development consent they were attached too has either been withdrawn or ceased to commence

Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs) Register


View current VPAs on exhibition 


There are currently no Voluntary Planning agreements at the finalising stage. 


Planning Agreement Title / Address Date Entered Into  Parties (other than City of Ryde)  Context 
197-223 Herring Road, Macquarie Park(PDF, 2MB) 2 November 2018 AMP Capital The Developer will be providing Council with a peppercorn lease over 99 years for 5000qm of space for the purpose of a Library and Creative Hub fronting Herring Road as public benefit in lieu of Section 7.11 Contributions associated with the redevelopment of Macquarie Shopping Centre.


Planning Agreement Title / Address  Date Entered Into  Parties (other than City of Ryde)  Context 
North Ryde Station Precinct  August 2015  Landcom Trading as Urban Growth; and Minister for Planning (City of Ryde is not Planning Authority in this case)  The Developer has offered to enter into the VPA to deliver Various Road works on behalf of the State of NSW 
115-117 Church Street, Ryde(PDF, 5MB)  July 2016  Eastern Pearl Pty Ltd  Provision of Affordable Housing Unit, Car Space (both in Stratum) and Payment of monetary contribution  
388 Lane Cove Road, Macquarie Park(PDF, 1MB)   February 2016  Shri Ganesh Capital Pty Limited ATF Macquarie Business Centre Unit Trust     The applicant sought to use the Clause 6.9 provisions of RLEP 2014 to uplift the development and pay contributions according to uplift rate. Developer also agreed to tie all S94 contributions into the VPA and dedicate land for road network   
8 Khartoum Road, Macquarie Park(PDF, 3MB)     April 2017  Goodman Property Services (Aust) Pty Ltd; The Trust Company Limited; Goodman Funds Management Australia Limited    The VPA provides the following public benefits: Provision of road works, being 20.4m wide Type 2 Road along the southern boundary of the land connecting Khartoum Road with proposed Road 1 (as identified in Council's Fine Grain Road Network Map, page 16, Figure 4.1.1, Part 4.5 of City of Ryde Development Control Plan 2014); Dedication of land on which the road works are constructed as public road; Provision of 3 m pedestrian link including landscaping along the western boundary of the land; Including the creation of a right of way over the pedestrian link for public access 
North Ryde M2 Site (Lachlans Line)(PDF, 1MB)    October 2016  Landcom (t/a UrbanGrowth NSW)  The developer has offerred to provide significant Public Benefits in lieu of the Payment of Monetary Contributions in the form of Open Space, Roads, Land Dedications, Stormwater and Community Facility   
Macquarie University(PDF, 8MB)   February 2013  Macquarie University  For the University to provide the Council with Development Contributions and Intersection Works in accordance with the conditions of the concept plan approval

125-135 Church Street, Ryde(PDF, 2MB)

Deed of Amendment(PDF, 1MB)

November 2013  Motive Properties Pty Limited  Provision of a mix of monetary contributions, works in kind and land dedications for improvements to public domain around the development site 

10 Byfield Street, Macquarie Park(PDF, 3MB)

Deed of Amendment(PDF, 2MB)

November 2014  Pro-Invest Australian Hospitality Opportunity (ST) Pty Ltd atf Pro-Invest Australian Hospitality Opportunity Trust 1  The Developer offered to enter into a Planning Agreement with Council in relation to Development Consent (LDA2013/522) to provide monetary contributions and works in kind as outlined in Schedule 4 of the agreement 
7-9 Khartoum Road, Macquarie Park(PDF, 671KB)   February 2015  Kennards Self Storage Pty Ltd Payment of Contributions via VPA and designation of land for new road  
2-10 Wharf Road, Gladesville(PDF, 3MB)   April 2015  Cth Street Pty Limited for the Cth Street Unit Trust    Payment of Monetary Contribution and provision of Public Benefit in form of Plaza works as outlined in VPA   
101 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113(PDF, 2MB) September 2017 JQZ Eleven Pty Limited  
25-27 Epping Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113(PDF, 1MB) September 2017 Greenland (Sydney) Lachlan’s line Macquarie Park Development Pty Limited  

45-61 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park(PDF, 6MB)

31 August 2018 John Holland Macquarie Park Land Custodian Pty Ltd

The Developer will be providing approximately $9.5 million in access roads towards the Macquarie Park Access Network as public benefits, in accordance with Clause 6.9 of the Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014.


Planning Agreement Title / Address Date Entered Into Parties (other than City of Ryde)  Context 

11 Bay Drive, Meadowbank(PDF, 320KB)

March 2007  Waterpoint Shepherds Bay Pty Limited   Payment of Monetary Contributions and dedication of land for Car Park    
Top Ryde Shopping Centre(PDF, 3MB)     May 2007  Bevillesta Pty Limited    The VPA provided significant Public Benefits in the form of monetary contributions and material public benefits in lieu of standard suite of section 94 contributions  
17-19 Angas Street, Meadowbank(PDF, 7MB)  July 2007  Water Point Shepherds Bay Pty Ltd    Payment of further monetary contribution or acceptance of dedication of Bowden Street Land  
78 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park(PDF, 4MB) January 2008  Lipman Properties Pty Limited   Payment of Monetary Contribution or Provision or infrastruture for uplift of development standards  
15 Angas Street, Meadowbank(PDF, 7MB)  August 2008  Water Point Shepherds Bay Pty Ltd Monetary Contributions or Dedication of land payable in respect of Development Uplift  
82-84 Belmore Street, Meadowbank(PDF, 432KB)  October 2009  82-84 Belmore Street Pty Limited Payment of Monetary Contributions  

2-4 Porter Street, Meadowbank(PDF, 2MB)
Deed of Amendment(PDF, 464KB)

July 2010 Ryde Developments Pty Ltd Payment of Monetary Contributions and provision of public domain works
18-22 Ball Avenue, Eastwood(PDF, 2MB)   August 2010  Ball Avenue Holdings Pty Ltd   Developer enter into VPA to dedicate land to Council   

West Ryde Village(PDF, 7MB)
Deed of Amendment(PDF, 14MB)
Deed of Assignment(PDF, 409KB)

November 2010  Remo West Ryde Pty Ltd and Coles Group Property Developments Ltd VPA Outlines the public works to be provided in lieu of S94 Contributions 
22 Giffnock Avenue, Macquarie Park(PDF, 2MB)    June 2013 The Trust Company Limited (Owner), Goodman Property Services (Australia) Pty Limited (Developer), & Goodman Funds Management Australia Limited (Trustee)    The developer wishes to provide monetary contributions and the dedication of land in relation to Development Consent LDA2011/644 
120-128 Herring Road, Macquarie Park(PDF, 921KB)   November 2013  Toga Macquarie Developments Pty Ltd     VPA imposed monetary contributions for Building E in lieu of building a childcare centre. Normal suite of s94s payable under DA Consent Conditions  
146 Bowden Street, Meadowbank(PDF, 679KB)  March 2014 Conca D'oro Lounge Pty Limited The Developer Proposes to dedicate to the community certain land and to carryout certain works in lieu of the monetary contributions otherwise payable under the City of Ryde S94 Contributions Plan and certain other fees payable as outlined in the agreement 
3-5 Trelawney Street, Eastwood(PDF, 2MB)   April 2014  N & G Projects Pty Limited   Developer has offered to enter into a Planning Agreement to provide Council a monetary contribution of $150,000 (subject to CPI) in relation to Development Consent LDA2011/611 being a Mixed Use development  
1-3 Wharf Road, Gladesville(PDF, 10MB)   April 2014   One Wharf Development Pty Limited, Windesea Build Pty Limited, Hilda Chiming Cheong and Joseph Fook Yan Cheong  Carry out works and provide a cash contribution under the VPA in lieu of providing a S94 contribution under the development consent  
305 Blaxland Road, Ryde(PDF, 658KB)  December 2014  S'Antonio Da Padova Prottetore Di Poggioreale, Trapani (Sydney) Limited (ACN 000 993 519)  The Developer offered to enter into a Planning Agreement with Council in relation to a modification of Development Consent LDA2012/247. The Developer is to provide a monetary contribution to Council for improvements to Adventure Park, known as Lot 1 DP204347   
21-24 Railway Road, Meadowbank(PDF, 1MB) August 2015  DEP Shepherds Bay Pty Limited  The developer entered into the VPA to provide material public benefits over and above the standard suite of development contributions in exchange for a variation to Council's FSR and Height controls 
7-9 Rutledge Street, Eastwood(PDF, 144KB) September 2016  Rutledge Street Pty Limited and Rutledge Properties Pty Limited    The Developer wishes to provide Council with a monetary contribution towards material public benefits and public purposes in turn for additional height and FSR in respect of Development Application LDA2011/612 



Planning Agreement Title / Address Date Entered Into  Parties (other than City of Ryde)  Context 
88 Talavera Road, North Ryde(PDF, 1MB) February 2008  88 Talavera Road North Ryde Pty Limited The developer proposes to offer to dedicate to the community certain land and to carry out certain works to embellish that land in exchange for an FSR Bonus and in lieu of a portion of the monetary contributions otherwise payable under the Ryde Section 94 Contributions Plan and certain fees otherwise payable as outlined in the agreement 
144 Wicks Road, Macquarie Park(PDF, 8MB) December 2011  DEXUS Funds Management Limited for the Wicks Road Trust & DEXUS Wholesale Property Limited as responsible entity for the DEXUS Wholesale Property Fund  Payment of Contributions and provisions of Road Infrastructure and dedication of Land 
Eastwood Centre(PDF, 1MB)   Eastwood Centre Developments Pty Ltd  Developer to carry out particular works list below in lieu of monetary contributions under S94 Plan for Ryde. The development consent expired as it was never substantially commenced, as such the related VPA has subsequently expired 


More Information

If you would like more information regarding Voluntary Planning Agreements please contact Council’s Development Contributions Coordinator on 9952 8222. 



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