Creative Spotlight | Kim Siew

Published on 17 December 2023


Kim-Siew-1.png Tell us a bit about who you are and what kind of creative work you make. 

 I'm a mural artist and illustrator. My practice spans public art and placemaking, published work (in children's books and art games) and commercial projects which usually focus on joyful explorations of community and people, or work centered around strong females. I also create personal work in the form of ‘zines and fine tip pen drawings.

Kim-Siew-2.png Whereabouts do you look for creative ideas? Who or what inspires you? 

 I'm inspired by the small, everyday rituals and habits of people who make up our lives. I find my creative ideas through reading graphic novels, taking long walks with my dogs, sitting in cafes and observing people just going about their lives.

What is a creative project that you’ve worked on that you’re really proud of? Why?

Kim-Siew-3.png I am very fortunate to have worked on a few projects that I've been proud of, but I guess one that stands out for me was the work I did for All About Women in 2021 alongside the creative team at the Sydney Opera House. It was one of my first big illustration jobs and not only did I get to see my work up on billboards around the city of Sydney, I also walked into the Opera House on the weekend the panel talks were on and saw my illustrations hanging from the roof inside the Opera House and on huge banners that hung over their stages. That was pretty huge. Seeing it in that way made my heart flutter a thousand times over. I was also super proud of the work I created for them and after tackling it all and seeing the results it really solidified that illustration was something that I loved doing and could definitely pursue as a career.

Kim-Siew-4.png What’s your favourite part of working as an artist / creative?

I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that people will ask me to create something for them. It always makes me feel so grateful and humbled. I also get to meet so many other wonderful creatives - the mural community in Sydney is so welcoming and supportive and I always have so much fun working with other artists.

Kim-Siew-5.png Do you have any top tips for emerging artists and creatives just starting out?

I really recommend connecting with an art community - being able to share your own experiences and learn from others will be your greatest asset. Also, share your work. It can be daunting at first but try joining a table with others at an art market, a small exhibition (they could be at your local bookstore or in a group exhibition), at ‘zine fairs, or even online. Don't wait till your work is "good enough", we are always our worst critics, but remember the beauty of being an artist is that your work will continually evolve and grow the more you create.

Where can we find out more about your work and get in touch?

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